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6 Tips to Improve Primary Education System in Our Country Children are the future of our society and it is important to choose the right curriculum for shaping their future in the right direction. However if we have a closer look at our education system there are several aspects which need to be taken care of and improved. Though schools take help of integrated aids and academic program for school there are still a lot of reforms which need to done in a broad spectrum for our education system. Here’s a look at changes which needs to be introduced in the primary education system: 1. Improve poverty scenario It has been observed that poverty is one of the reasons why many students can’t attain education and progress in their lives. Though government introduces several initiatives for tackling the situation there is still a lot which need to be done. The education initiatives should be supported by the nation’s wider educational social and economic policies. 2. Figuring out real meaning of primary education The primary curriculum for schools should not only aim to prepare the kids for secondary education and. Instead the schools should focus on the present of the students and acknowledge their needs. They should not just be prepared for the next class but for the life they face in day-to-day routine. 3. Interactive style of teaching Our traditional style of teaching since decades has been in the form of a monologue where students rarely have a say. All students do is listed to what the tutors have to say. It is the need of the hour to make the sessions more interactive where students can voice their opinion and influence the teaching pedagogy as well. Discussion argument and dialogue are effective ways of learning. 4. Example-based teaching Instead of using only textbooks the academic program for school should be example and live illustrations based so that it becomes easier for the students to understand. It is an effective way of teaching which helps the students in achieving their highest possible standard in every aspect of education. 5. Change in the assessment parameters In our Indian education system tests and examinations are the only parameters for assessing the knowledge and learning of students. However this needs to be changed as assessment is a broad spectrum which should not be narrowed only with the help of tests. A test can’t determine what knowledge students have gained. The education system needs to device a newer way of assessment.

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6. Identifying the needs of the community Instead of designing a one curriculum fits all policy the education system needs to identify the need of the local community and come up with curriculum that meets the needs of the students. Explore the web for more information and suggestions for schools on choosing the right curriculum for schools.

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