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Nature BioScience is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of analytical reagents, enzymes and bio-chemicals for multiple industries.


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Nature Bio Science .


We are the Textile Enzymes Suppliers in india , building enduring relationships with our customers is at the heart of our business. Our primary goal is to provide the best in technical advice, superior service and the most effective enzyme and bio-products. Hundreds of clients in multiple industries throughout the world turn to Nature Bioscience for Nature BioScience that facilitate their special needs and applications. 2




Sugar enzymes accelerate the conversion of starch into glucose. The conversion takes place through the processes namely liquefaction and saccharifaction . Sugarcane plant has many polysaccharides . Cellulose and hemicelluloses, present in cell wall, give the structural strength to the standing cane plant. As they are insoluble in water, consequently they do not affect sugar manufacture. Starch which is responsible for metabolic activity of a growing plant mainly occurs in sugarcane as an insoluble granule.  4


A purified form of Ethanol, the grain alcohol is produced from the distillation of fermented grains. Generally ethanol at industrial scale is produced from fermented molasses and sugar residues, but owing to different climatic conditions and variant needs, it can be produced by fermentation of grains. Depending on availability and trends of usage, enzymes for molasses alcohol accelerate fermentation of grains like maize, starch, corn grain, millet, wheat, sweet sorghum, tapioca, and sugar beet. 5


Chemically made Detergents are the prime source of water effluents that harm the environment. The hazardous effects the chemical detergents have on environment is well known globally. The never ending biotechnological research has helped in an unhindered progress of the detergent market and has contributed significantly in making detergents safer for the environment. The use of detergent enzymes in laundering is the most favorable venture of biotechnology. 6


Enzymes which act as catalysts in various biochemical reactions prove to be very useful for paper and pulp industries also. Until the recent past using enzymes in Paper and pulp industry was considered financially and technically impractical. Enzymes a short time ago were used only for modifying starch for paper coating understandably due to the shortage in availability. But today enzyme manufacturers, with the advent of better enzymes for paper & pulp, they are found to have better applicability in this sector as well. The three applications possible by latest enzyme developments are enzymatic deinking of waste paper, bleach boosting and pitch control. 7


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