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Nature Bio Science, an enzyme manufacturing company, believes in rendering the best in class enzyme technology to you.


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NATURE BIO SCIENCE Nature BioScience Has Consistently Embraced Innovation To Provide A Superior Level Of Excellence


ABOUT US Nature BioScience is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of analytical reagents, enzymes and bio-chemicals for multiple industries. Nature Bioscience is unique in being a company nationwide specifically developing and supplying Industrial enzymes and bio-chemicals for the beverage, cereals, dairy, food, feed, fermentation, bio-fuel and wine industries. Since inception of company as a manufacturer of enzymes & bio-chemicals, Nature bioscience becomes a globally recognized leader in the development of new testing methods for carbohydrates and enzymes for the cereals and related industries. wastewater treatment using enzymes   is one of the valuable ways of making water reusable. 2 10/8/2018 Nature Bio Science


OUR PRODUCT 3 10/8/2018 Nature Bio Science OUR PRODUCTS


INDUSTRIAL ENZYME Enzyme technology today is proving to be a great helping hand for human efforts to attain a hazard free environment.Enzymes are the biological molecules used to catalyze any chemical and biochemical reaction . Industrial enzymes manufacture are a big boon to various chemical industries as they enhance end product availability at a faster rate. They are specific in action and do not interfere with the chemical reaction, making them a better choice over chemical counterparts. 4 10/8/2018 Nature Bio Science


TEXTILE Enzymes are an eco- friendly alternative to chemicals in textile and fiber processing techniques. Being protein catalysts that are produced by living cells, they speed up specific chemical and biochemical reactions . Nature Bio Science textile enzymes have high specificity as regards catalytic action. These are the high molecular weight protein that significantly escalate reaction rate and plummet costs 5 10/8/2018 Nature Bio Science


CANE SUGAR & RAW SUGAR REFINERY Since many years, starch has been converted into glucose using acid and chemicals. With the arrival of enzyme technology, industries have taken the solace of enzymes for accomplishment of this biochemical reaction. sugar enzymes accelerate the conversion of starch into glucose. The conversion takes place through the processes namely liquefaction and saccharifaction. 6 10/8/2018 Nature Bio Science


FOOD ENZYMES The hustle bustle in life has led to many digestive problems that have accentuated health issues today. An aftermath of urbanization and development, humans hardly have time to concentrate on their health. Untimely routines and unhygienic food have added to the health related problems The Nature Bio Science food enzymes help to prevent occasional indigestion and provide relief from adverse effects of indigestion. 7 10/8/2018 Add a footer


WATER TREATMENT ENZYMES Our planet is fragile and precarious to accumulation of waste in water. A cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for waste management is the need of hour . Nature Bio Science manufactures enzymes for wastewater treatment that effectively break down the organic wastes and enhances the quality of water without any use of dreadful chemicals. 8 10/8/2018 Nature Bio Science


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