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NATIONAL PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES PH NO: +91 4842656171 NATIONAL PLYWOOD These days’ people recommend plywood as it is considered the most durable material for both interiors and exteriors. Because of lesser propensity to break or split it can be reused many times for different types of construction. It also have lower tendency to shrink expand and are more stable with better consistency. WHY SHUTTERING PLYWOOD Shuttering plywood is beneficial It is affordable in any weather conditions and possess better potency. Shuttering plywood can withstand forces providing guidance in the manufacturing process. The capability and the re-use value of shuttering plywood makes it a preservative product. The main advantage shuttering plywood delivers is that it gives smooth surface finish which requires very less plastering. The plywood’s quality depends upon how the material is handled with care during the process of cutting shrinking and merging. In addition cleaning and oiling these products will increase the long lastness of the product. Plywood available in large size not only increase economy but also avoids the situation to get plywood damaged.

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