National NGO school at Bihar For Poor Students

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National Organization for Social Empowerment, commonly known as National NGO, has recently opened a new school at Bihar. The free school is called National Public School and has been started in association with National NGO’s project partner Save the Quest. National Public School is started with an aim to enroll students who otherwise cannot afford education.


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National Organization For Social Empowerment:

National Organization For Social Empowerment

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We are glad to thank and congratulate our team and Donors. National Ngo has started a free school in association with our project partner Save the Quest for poor kids in a village near Bodhgaya Bihar . What's special about this school ? All the books and notebooks including education is free. We have collected students who have never been to school. The girl education is also an adjective of this project, the number of female students enrolled is more than male students . Wish us good luck and pray for these kids prosperous life .

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National Public School has started running its co-ed classes. The classrooms are in open spaces with natural light. Many people have volunteered as teaching faculty at the school whereas others have volunteered for doing backend jobs . Another noticeable detail about the school is that it has received more applications from female students than male students . National NGO has thanked its team and donors who have helped in the startup of the school for their volunteer ship and donation.

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