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Omni-Directional Vision System for Mobile Robots: 

Omni-Directional Vision System for Mobile Robots Critical Design Review Denise Fancher Kyle Hoelscher Michael Layton Eric Miller

Omni-directional Mirror Selection: 

Omni-directional Mirror Selection Original mirror from Neovision – $290 Light bulb from Lowe’s – two for $3 Budget decreases from $827 to $540 Limited horizon on hemispherical surface Will work for our purposes

Hardware Assembly: 

Hardware Assembly BOE-Bot assembled and working CMUcam attached and testing is in progress Plans for mounting the light bulb

Software Skeleton: 

Software Skeleton Download object coordinates from camera to BOE bot Calculate radius Calculate appropriate movement signal Perform collision detection If collision eminent calculate new movement signals Issue servo commands

Object Tracking: 

Object Tracking Comfort radius Comfort radius Adjustable Determines if bot should approach or back away from the object Movement Determination X-coord = turn left/right Magnitude of y-coord determines speed of rotation Tracked object location = (x,y) (72,40) (0,0) Radius, r (144,80)

Obstacle Avoidance: 

Obstacle Avoidance Considered using vector fields for navigation Currently planning to use a simpler algorithm Uses data from sonar unit and left and right whiskers

CMUcam Control: 

CMUcam Control Initialization Communication from stamp to camera: Stamp sends SEROUT followed by camera command Stamp sends SERIN to receive data from camera Camera sends data values followed by ACK or NCK

Basic CMUcam Commands: 

Basic CMUcam Commands L1 – controls green LED on camera board PM – controls poll mode (multiple or single data packets returned) TC – tracks a color specified by the RGB arguments TW – track window obtains a new color to track from the center of the window RS – resets camera board

Updated Gantt Chart: 

Updated Gantt Chart

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