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James Madison University ARMY ROTC: 

James Madison University ARMY ROTC Parents Briefing 21-22 August 2007


Mission To attract, develop, inspire, and commission competent and confident leaders of character for the US Army.

A Leader of Character…: 

A Leader of Character… …seeks to discover truth, decide what is right, and demonstrate the courage and commitment to act accordingly. Character connotes not only moral and ethical excellence, but also firmness, resoluteness, self-discipline and judgment.

Outcome Goals: 

Outcome Goals Strengthen Army Values; instill the Warrior Ethos Inspire a personal pursuit of excellence Train fundamental military skills Foster an understanding of Army operations and doctrine Develop physical fitness, agility, strength and endurance Socialize cadets to the Army culture Understand what it means to be an officer (identity) and the role of the officer corps Inspire a commitment to service Develop adaptability and intellectual agility (innovation and problem solving) Communicate effectively both oral and written Intended outcome: confident, competent, leaders of character

Know – Do – Be : 

Know – Do – Be KNOW DO Intellect Knowledge Education Cognition Behavior Training Skills BE Who you are Identity Character Human Spirit Lab Training


MS I MS II MS III MS IV Basic Military Knowledge Skills Socialization Values Leadership DEVELOPMENT Focused Skills Leadership Transition to LT (Professional Identity, Professions, Officer Role; S/O/T Thinking; Unit Ops) Character Socialization Leadership Identity Discipline Warrior Ethos Basic Course Advanced Course LDAC (PCTs)

Designing a Military Education: 

Designing a Military Education Mathematics and Science Engineering and Technology Information Technology Cultural Perspectives Historical Perspectives Human Behavior Communications Creativity and Innovation Moral and Ethical Awareness Design your undergraduate education wisely; it is a building block for your future. Foreign Language likely to become a requirement

Scholarship Benefits: 

Scholarship Benefits Four-Year Scholarship Full tuition Stipend for living expenses ($300-$500) $900 book allowance annually Note: 45 day delayed payment first time under contract ASK ME ABOUT MONEY FLOW!

Scholarship Requirements: 

Scholarship Requirements 4 Year Scholarship Requirements Pass the Army PT test prior to receiving benefits – then once each semester Be within Army height-weight requirements Sustain at least a 2.0 GPA Participate in ROTC class and required events Make academic progress towards a degree (15 credit hours per semester)

Room & Board Incentive: 

Room & Board Incentive Provided by James Madison University Administered by ROTC Specifically intended for “the best 4-year scholarship students” Awarded to the top four or five students Based on merit (scholarship, participation, performance) Awardees identified and presentation made during Dining Out in spring semester

Major Training Events: 

Major Training Events Fall Semester APFT#1 13-14 Sep Family Weekend 29-30 Sep Fall Field Training Exercise 12-15 Oct APFT#2 17 Oct *Ranger Challenge 26-28 Oct Bde Cdr Visit 30 Oct Halloween Run 31 Oct APFT#3 15-16 Nov Dining In 16 Nov Final Exams 10-14 Dec Dec Commissioning 14 Dec Spring Semester Spring Field Training Exercise TBD Brigade FTX – MS3 cadets TBD Awards Ceremony TBD Military Ball TBD May Commissioning 3 May * Voluntary Participation

Military Science Lab: 

Military Science Lab Wed or Thurs 1430-1630 hrs Hands-On Activities: Drill & Ceremony Rappelling Pugil Sticks Individual Movement Techniques Paintball Land Navigation Hand Grenade Assault Course Weapons Familiarization Water Survival


Lab Obstacle Course Pugil Sticks Paintball Rappelling Combat Swimming IMTs Combatives

Classroom Instruction: 

Classroom Instruction MS 101 – Leadership & Personal Development 1 Hour/Wk MS 102 – Introduction to Tactical Leadership 1 Hour/Wk MS 201 – Innovative Team Leadership 2 Hours/Wk MS 202 – Foundations of Tactical Leadership 2 Hours/Wk MS 310 – Adaptive Tactical Leadership 3 Hours/Wk MS 320 – Leadership in Changing Environments 3 Hours/Wk MS 410 – Developing Adaptive Leaders 3 Hours/Wk MS 420 – Leadership in a Complex World 3 Hours/Wk

Classroom Instruction: 

Classroom Instruction

Extracurricular Opportunities: 

Extracurricular Opportunities Ranger Group Scabbard and Blade Cannon Crew Color Guard

Summer Opportunities: 

Summer Opportunities Airborne School Air Assault School Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) Nurse Training West Point Study Abroad Mountain Warfare Internships


Success? Academic Physical Military Social Help them capture the meaning and significance of their college experiences

Academic Success: 

Academic Success Attend Class (nobody earns an F) Get help EARLY Do a common sense check on class schedule Check the ACADEMIC PROGRESS REPORT Manage your progress – know your prerequisites College is a consumer good – be a good consumer Use ROTC as your customer service rep when necessary Help them with their decision for an Academic Major – many stress about this

Physical Success: 

Physical Success Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Meet Army height/weight and body fat standards Attend morning Physical Training (PT) Stay healthy

PT Standards: 

PT Standards Male Minimum Standards (60%) Push-ups 42 Sit-ups 53 2 mile run 15:54 Female Minimum Standards (60%) Push-ups 19 Sit-ups 53 2 mile run 18:53 Test-out standards: Freshmen 70% in each event Sophomores 80% in each event Upper-classes 90% in each event APFT Score Card:

Military Success: 

Military Success Participate in Training Weekly Lab Field Training Exercises Lead when in charge; Follow when not Demonstrate a Positive Attitude Can do Respectful Always ready to help other Open mind to constructive criticism Constantly Improve (16 Leader Dimensions) Military Knowledge Professional Demeanor

16 Leadership Dimensions: 

16 Leadership Dimensions Mental Physical Emotional Conceptual Interpersonal Technical Tactical Communicating Decision Making Motivating Planning/Preparation Executing Assessing Developing Building Learning

Social Success: 

Social Success Make lots of friends – in and out of ROTC Learn to be an adult How can I give Otherness Wise decisions Participate on campus and in the community Be aware of alcohol problems! Under-age possession Under-age consumption Keg laws Decorum – Ladies & Gentlemen

Time Requirements: 

Time Requirements Class Lab Freshman (MSI) 1 1 Sophomore (MSII) 2 1 Junior (MSIII) 3 2 Senior (MSIV) 3 2 PT – M,W,F 0600-0700 Dining In (Fall) and Dining Out (Spring) One Weekend Field Training Exercise Football Game Ushering – approx 2 games

ROTC Order of Merit List: 

ROTC Order of Merit List 1. Academic (40) (40.0) Cumulative GPA (includes ROTC GPA) (Spring Semester, most current) APFT (1.28) Campus Fall Semester (most current score) (1.91) Campus Spring Semester (most current score) (9.56) WF (1st score) Swimming (0.375) Campus Swim Test (0.375) WF CWST (1.50) Varsity, Intramural, or Community Team Athletics (6.75) WF Performance (E/S/N) - Leadership positions - Leadership attributes/skills/actions (11.25) WF PLT TAC Evaluation (E/S/N) (4.50) WF Land Navigation (1st score) PMS Experienced Based Observations (6.75) PMS MSIII CER OML (4.50) PMS Accessions OML (4.50) PMS Accessions Potential Comments (6.75) Cadet Training / Extracurricular Activities Warrior Forge, Platoon Top Five = 1 point added to final OMS RECONDO = 0.5 point added to final OMS 2. Leadership (45) 3. Physical (15)




Of the Program… To maintain a fully resourced leader development program with a national reputation for excellence – a reputation that sustains enrollment and retention of high potential young men and women. VISION Of the Graduates… Competent military leaders, steeped in values, ethics, and warfighting; leaders who are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to lead Soldiers in peace and war.

Leadership FM 6-22: 

Leadership FM 6-22 Influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.

Cadet Career Development: 

Cadet Career Development Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduation Commissioning MSI MSII MSIII MSIV 2LT Completion Cadet Advanced Camp Ed Delay Special Training

The JMU Cadet: 

The JMU Cadet 225 students ranging from freshmen to seniors Members of Greek life, athletic teams, service organizations, and honor societies 35% female - 65% male 30% Deans List Scholarship and non-scholarship In-state and out-of state

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