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Doing Business with UNDP : 

Doing Business with UNDP Office of Legal and Procurement Support UNDP, NY

Scope of Presentation:: 

Scope of Presentation: UNDP and its role in the Marketplace UNDP Procurement How to Identify UNDP Business? How to Market your Goods and Services? Need help?

United Nations Development Programme: 

United Nations Development Programme Principal leader in advocating change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help countries build and share solutions to the global and national challenges of: poverty reduction; democratic governance; HIV/AIDS; energy and environment; crisis prevention and recovery; information and communications technology. Source of UNDP funding: voluntary contributions; cost sharing; trust funds. Global network of 166 country offices. Annual Programme Delivery : USD 4.3 Billions (Approx.)

Components of Delivery: 

Components of Delivery

Year Over Year Comparison: 

Year Over Year Comparison Note: Above figure includes Goods and Professional Services Only 2,447 2,168 1,755 826 866

% of Procurement from Developing Countries : 

% of Procurement from Developing Countries

Distribution by Region: 

Distribution by Region

Top 15 Procuring Offices: 

Top 15 Procuring Offices ARGENTINA: $216 million USD - 10% PANAMA: $153 million USD - 7% AFGHANISTAN: $131 million USD - 6% CONGO DRC: $130 million USD - 6% HQ: $ 99 million USD - 4% HONDURAS: $86 million USD - 4% DENMARK: $81 million USD - 4% INDONESIA: $75 million USD - 3% COLUMBIA: $68 million USD - 3% PERU: $55 million USD - 2% SUDAN: $54 million USD - 2% GUATEMALA: $53 million USD - 2% IRAQ: $47 million USD - 2% EGYPT: $38 million USD - 2%


Africa Total: 472 Million (USD)


Asia Total: 428 Million (USD)


Europe Total: 202 Million (USD)

Arab States: 

Arab States Total: 131 Million (USD)

Latin America: 

Latin America Total: 1,021 Million (USD)


HQ Total: 247 million (USD) HQ

Commonly Procured Goods by UNDP: 

Commonly Procured Goods by UNDP Electrical Equipment Computers Telecommunications Equipment Cooling and Heating Equipment Laboratory Equipment Motor Vehicles Agricultural Equipment HIV / AIDS Drugs Computers Telecommunications Equipment Medical Supplies and Equipment Office Equipment Power Generators Water Supply Systems Shelter Items Construction Equipment and Materials

Commonly Procured Services by UNDP: 

Commonly Procured Services by UNDP Information Technology Public Administration Education,Training and Social Services Agriculture Printing Education,Training and Social Services Transportation Water Supply Environment Natural Resources Communication Election Shipping

Top 15 Supplier Countries: 

Top 15 Supplier Countries ARGENTINA: $206 million USD - 9% PANAMA: $151 million USD - 7% UNITED STATES: $124 million USD - 6% AFGHANISTAN: $126 million USD - 6% DEM REP CONGO: $86 million USD - 4% COLUMBIA: $68 million USD - 3% INDONESIA: $56 million USD - 3% INDIA: $55 million USD - 2% GUATEMALA: $53 million USD - 2% PERU: $48 million USD - 2% JAPAN: $47 million USD - 2% DENMARK: $41 million USD - 2% EGYPT: $37 million USD - 2% NETHERLAND: $37 million USD - 2% UNITED KINGDOM: $35 million USD - 2%

Procurement Methods: 

Procurement Methods Request for Quotation most flexible and least formal contract amount exceeds USD $2,500 but less than USD $100,000. Invitation to Bid normally used when entity is not required to propose technical approaches to a project activity (i.e., goods and civil works) contract amount is USD $100,000 or more. Request for Proposal used in the procurement of complex goods (e.g., functional specifications cannot be expressed) and services recommended for all contracts exceeding USD $100,000. Direct Contracting value of procurement is less than USD $2,500 there is no competitive marketplace for the requirement there is genuine exigency for the requirement.

Evaluation of Offers: 

Evaluation of Offers Guiding Principle: Best Value for Money Goods: Technical capacity Environmentally sound Quality Assurance Accuracy of documentation Speed of response Customer service Services: Provides Technical Solutions Competency

Long Term Agreements: 

Long Term Agreements a single tendering exercise over the life of the arrangement reduces administrative effort quality assurance and legal requirements will have been dealt with at the outset the supplier benefits in terms of planning stock levels and continuity of supply a mutually beneficial longer-term working relationship can be established with suppliers

How to Identify UNDP Business: 

How to Identify UNDP Business Consult and review: UNDP Country Programmes Other Publications Practical Tips: Doing Business with the UN System The General Business Guide for Potential Suppliers of Goods and Services. Procurement Notices UNGM’s online procurement notices at UNDP’s online procurement notices at Development Business at Subscription to email alert service to receive new procurement notices as they are published.

UN Global Market (UNGM): 

UN Global Market (UNGM) About the UNGM: Single window for registration with the UN System Allows the supplier to keep current business information available to all UN Organizations as a tool for locating potential suppliers. Registering with UNGM: To be listed as a potential supplier in the UNGM, please fill out the Common Supplier Registration Form available at The Common Supplier Registration Form is the same form used by individual organizations to pre-qualify suppliers and incorporate suppliers into their internal procurement rosters.

Eligibility Criteria to Register: 

Eligibility Criteria to Register Completion of the Registration Form available at Agreement to UNDP General Terms and Conditions. Quality compliance as per International / National product standards (i.e. ISO, DIN, BS etc.) Financial Strength (i.e., cash flow and liquidity). D&B Rating (For high value contracts)

How to Market your Goods and Services to UNDP?: 

How to Market your Goods and Services to UNDP? Introduce your company Contact the Resident Representative Visit the country office Meet the Project Manager & others concerned

Need Help? Contact:: 

Need Help? Contact: Dimitri Samaras Senior Procurement Adviser UNDP/OLPS New York Tel : (212) 906-5938 Fax : (212) 906-6663

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