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JBoss Professional Open Source: 

JBoss Professional Open Source Roll it Out Sacha Labourey GM JBoss EMEA Open Source Forum Russia – April 2005


Agenda JBoss JBoss’ history Open Source business models JBoss “Professional Open Source” methodology JEMS the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System JEMS strategy JBoss Services Customer satisfaction JBoss Partners Marketshare JBoss is safe

The Evolution of JBoss: 

1999 : EJB-OSS Project 2000 : Training & Consulting 2001 : Documentation for sale 2002 : JBoss Group LLC & Support 2003 : Expansion with new OSS projects 2004 : JBoss Inc, Venture Funding, & J2EE 1.4 Certification 2005 : JEMS, JBoss Network The Evolution of JBoss

The Evolution of Open Source: 

The Evolution of Open Source Moving “Up the Stack” Natural Progression Open Source as a Business Widespread Adoption Open Source Redefining Software

JBoss Business Model: 

JBoss Business Model Traditional Software Company Attributes Headquarters in Atlanta (GA), USA EMEA headquarters in Switzerland EMEA sales offices in London Full-time paid core development staff Traditional corporate departments such as product mgt, support, marketing, sales, accounting, HR, etc. Revenue from services Professional Support Training Consulting Non-Traditional Attributes Zero license revenue! Highly leveraged Recruiting best talent from Open Source community Distributed QA & feedback loop through OS community Low cost Internet-based software distribution Transparency

Professional Open Source: 

Professional Open Source The best of both worlds… All of the benefits of Open Source software including: Free licenses (under LGPL) Free source code Strong community of enthusiasts All of the benefits of Commercial software including: Professional Support (24x7x365 : 2hrs) Enterprise-quality software Legal indemnification Product roadmaps & product management Professional documentation Strict QA processes Accountability


… Open Source Middleware Suite Additional Middleware Components in Development JBoss Microkernel Architecture Plug-n-Play Service Selection Create Custom Services JEMS (JBoss Enterprise Middleware System)

JBoss Products Overview: 

JBoss Products Overview JBoss AS : J2EE 1.4 certified application server Tomcat : web/JSP/servlet server Hibernate : O/R mapping & persistence solution JBossCache : distributed data replication JGroups : reliable multicast messaging toolkit JBoss jBPM : workflow management system JBossIDE : Eclipse-based IDE for JEMS JBoss Portal : portal framework (alpha) JBossAOP : aspect-oriented programming framework

Services Engagement Timeline: 

Services Engagement Timeline

Customer Satisfaction: 

Customer Satisfaction JBoss Support Survey, November 2004 – Velocity Research. Respondents using more than one application server vendor. 184 Customer responses for JBoss, 84 BEA, 28 IBM, 14 Oracle, 14 Other Full report available at

Adoption of JBoss Software (tip of the iceberg): 

Adoption of JBoss Software (tip of the iceberg)

Partner Adoption: 

Partner Adoption JBoss Inside – free, reaches small ISVs JBoss Marketing Partners JBoss Authorized Service Partners (JASP) Bundle/embed JBoss products and resell JBoss support Tier 1 and 2 Support provided by the Partner Tier 3 Support provided by JBoss

JBoss Marketshare Analysis: 

JBoss Marketshare Analysis Available online at:

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Servers 2005: 

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Servers 2005 Available online at:


“JBoss delivers the best of both worlds: It is free, portable and standards-based, and it enjoys popularity among a growing number of developers.“ – Gartner, Feb. 2004 “JBoss and Tomcat are more than ready for projects in the enterprise.” – Forrester April, 2004 “The modular architecture and AOP capability puts JBoss AS at the forefront of this sector.” – Butler Group May, 2004 “Open-source JBoss 4.0’s achievement of Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) compatibility is a big step toward wider adoption of the product and open-source Java in general.” - Gartner, July, 2004 JBoss has astounded naysayers and alarmed competitors with its consistent growth. Fellow open source application servers … are scrambling to keep up, while JBoss wins sales at BEA's expense. - The 451 October, 2004 Analysts – “JBoss is Safe”

JBoss Professional Open Source Methodology: 

JBoss Professional Open Source Methodology


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