5 Websites for Home Decorating Inspiration

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For more information check out our blog post at: http://www.nathancarlisle.com/blog/decorating-ideas-for-your-new-home/


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5 Websites for Home Decorating Inspiration:

5 Websites for Home Decorating Inspiration Nathan Carlisle


www.hometalk.com Social networking is a huge component of our culture; and Hometalk takes full advantage of that platform by incorporating that concept into their home-and-garden décor website. If you have a creative flair and enjoy partaking in e-a-s-y DIY projects that can add panache to your home’s interior or exterior, you will love the fresh ideas Hometalk offers, on a daily basis. Upcycling and repurposing everyday items into striking decorative pieces is what Hometalk fans relish. At Hometalk , you will become intrigued as you discover how inexpensive, everyday items can be used in never-thought-of-before ways. Do you need to fill out a large wall space? Want to create a striking centerpiece for the holidays? If so, Hometalk is for you!


www.pinterest.com Get ready to be inspired! Pinterest offers a website with a wealth of unique and innovative decorating ideas that cater to every decorating theme. Pinterest has a way of getting one’s creative juices flowing where ‘designer’ looks can be achieved ‘on a dime’. Furniture placement, color combinations, crazy and creative ways to fill empty walls, holiday decorating—the list goes on and on as to how even the most-novice decorator can emerge victorious by deliciously decorating any room in one’s home. How about being able to view 10 different ways to decoratively approach the same room and being amazed at how each style provides a completely-different FEEL.


www.pier1.com Ooh-la-la—the Pier 1 Imports’ site will stir your soul! This enticing website offers decorative furnishings that cover the gamut from playful and fanciful to sophisticated and serene—all imported from top-of-the-line, overseas suppliers. Wall clocks, oversized mirrors, rattan patio furniture, dramatic area rugs, exquisite dining-room sets and festive seasonal items only scratch the surface regarding the types of décor pieces this resource site has on display.


Thank you To see the last two decorating inspirations sites check out our blog post at: http://www.nathancarlisle.com/blog/decorating-ideas-for-your-new-home/

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