Types of packaging, its types & trends

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Packaging is not simply a container for a product. There are several trends in packaging which you may not be aware of.


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Packaging and it’s types trends

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1. What is packaging

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The Packaging refers to all those activities related to designing evaluating and producing the container for a product Business Jargons 2018. 3 Source: What is Packaging definition and meaning - Business Jargons. online Available at: https://businessjargons.com/packaging.html Accessed 27 Nov. 2018.

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2. Types of Packaging

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⊗ Paper ⊗ Plastics ⊗ Cardboard ⊗ Metals ⊗ Glass ⊗ Wood 5

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3. Trends in packaging

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⊗ Usage of bio degradable packages- This is the latest trend in producing a sustainable packaging. The package producing method involves with collecting a set of polymers from renewable raw materials and decompose them back to biomass carbon dioxide and water. It is costly to produce this kind of package. ⊗ Luxury packages- Packaging is more than just a protective container these days. Packaging is known to be a part of brand image these days. Several well established brands opt for bespoke luxury packaging these days. Ex: Coca cola Nike Adidas etc 7

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⊗ Recycled packages- recycled packages are environmental friendly. But it takes time to produce as the materials need to be separated and sorted. 8

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