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GLOBE RISK HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL SECURITY CONSULTING SERVICES Security Risk Management for Businesses Operating in Africa Tuesday 15 May 2007


22 year career with British Special Forces 10 years - Royal Marine Commandos (SBS) 2 years - 14 Intelligence Company 12 years - Special Air Service (SAS) Combat experience - Northern Ireland, Falkland Islands, Afghanistan and other classified areas Private sector for 14 years providing security consulting services to a broad base of both domestic and international clients, particularly those organizations operating in hostile environments Alan W. Bell



U.S. State Department: 

“Companies operating in some countries have found that 20% of their operating costs go to providing security”. U.S. State Department


Most of the accessible natural resources located in safe countries have already been identified and developed. The global mining, oil, gas industries will be increasingly faced with seeking opportunities in regions of increased risk. Situation

The Problem: 

To ensure safe and secure access to natural resources in Africa. The Problem


Can you safely evacuate ALL personnel in an emergency? Have you recently completed a security audit of your international operations? Do you have kidnap & ransom contingency plans in place? Have personnel received any type of security training / briefings? Have you considered litigation issues if personnel are kidnapped - injured – lost or killed ? Have you considered the security of personnel and families – equipment - vehicles - other assets? Ability/training of local security force? Companies Should Ask Themselves

International Security Challenges: 

Trans-Global Terrorism Kidnapping Corruption International Security Challenges

International Security Challenges : 

Types of Violence Terrorism Eco-Terrorism Kidnapping Ethnic Conflict Civil War Organized Crime Random Violence International Security Challenges

International Security Challenges: 

Rebel Groups Kidnapping Coups Terrorism Murder International Security Challenges

International Security Risks : 

Definition Unstable ethnic, religious or military conflicts which endanger foreigners Climatic extremes which affect the health and safety of non-resident travelers Topographical extremes which effect the security of personnel and logistics International Security Risks

The Four Corners of Successful Due Diligence : 

GEOLOGICAL TECHNICAL FINANCIAL SECURITY The Four Corners of Successful Due Diligence

International Risk Assessments: 

Aim To develop an international strategy through an on- going process of systematic risk assessments of ALL world-wide risks and in particular ALL areas of operations and travel International Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment: 

During the initial planning stages, a risk assessment should be conducted prior to committing to a large investment. This assessment will identify potential infrastructure obstacles and allow the investor to ascertain the feasibility of recovering natural resources. Risk Assessment


What is a Risk Assessment It is an in-depth, highly detailed, comprehensive analysis of ALL inter-related security issues that could impact on the safety and viability of a new project Risk Assessment


What Do You Need ? Accurate - Relevant – Timely – Current - Security Risk Information Risk Assessment


Why ? To enable companies to be capable of assessing “ALL Risks” to - Operations - Personnel - Equipment - Assets and Facilities Risk Assessment


Advantages Will provide for a full scope vulnerability security assessment prior to the decision making process Overview of existing security conditions in-country Analyze and assess ALL in-country threat situations past – present - future Review ability of local security resources Review future communications links Develop initial evacuation plan Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment: 

Will Determine: ALL areas of risk, exposure and weakness Possible countermeasure plans to reduce identified risks The level of in-country security that will be required throughout the exploration – pre development – fully operational phases of the project Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments: 

Will Determine: Military and security force capabilities External/Internal threats to governmental stability, major factions and crime groups Organized crime groups and effect on foreign businesses Medical facilities Other security issues and concerns Risk Assessments


Fact Finding Ongoing Assessment Response Implementation Due Diligence Risk Assessment Security Planning Risk Assessment Cycle



Companies Must!: 




Contact Us: 

Canadian Office Globe Risk Holdings Inc. 20 Bay St, Suite 1205 Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2N8 Canada Tel: + (01) 416 368 4118 Fax: + (01) 416 214-2043 Email: abell@globerisk.com URL: www.globerisk.com Contact Us

International Projects: 

International Government Conducted a comprehensive threat, risk, vulnerability assessments of all critical infrastructure facilities of a Middle Eastern country including: ports, offshore production platforms (oil and gas), industrial cities, airport, border, coastguard, navy, military and Special Forces. Conducted a comprehensive threat, risk, vulnerability assessment and physical security audit for hostile environment operations for Canada’s Department of Defence Afghanistan (Kandahar and Kabul) operations International Projects

International Projects : 

International Government Conducted a comprehensive threat, risk, vulnerability assessment and physical security audit of Kabul Airport. Developed and trained a Kidnap Response Unit for the Guyana National Police Force. The project included developing the kidnap response concept of operations, drafting comprehensive policies and procedures, designing and training hostage negotiators and the development of a tactical technical countermeasures team to support kidnap response operations Conducted comprehensive threat, risk, vulnerability assessments of the security of all Provincial Governors in Southern Afghanistan. International Projects

International Projects: 

Developed Kidnap and Ransom policies and procedures for one of the world’s largest international mining and exploration companies. The project included international risk assessments, best practices analysis, policy and procedure development, contingency planning, training course design, development of kidnap and ransom policies and procedure and delivery of kidnap scenario training Developed and trained the senior managers of a large international oil company operating in the Sudan. The project included developing security concept of operations, drafting comprehensive policies and procedures and the development of security countermeasures to support exploration operations.     International Projects

International Projects: 

Provided broad ranging security management support and training to the Chinese government’s oil company (CNPC). This included developing the concept of security operations and site security planning, preparing security standard operating procedures and training managers. This project was expanded to include the provision of a wide range of technical services, including system design and product/vendor qualification and countrywide oil facility security audits. Designed, recruited and trained a local intelligence network to provide early warning intelligence reports of guerilla activity around oil-fields in Ecuador. International Projects

International Projects: 

Retained to train armed tactical response teams, both domestically and internationally, in Special Weapons and Tactics and Close Protection techniques to enable them to effectively respond to terrorist and criminal incidents and protect VIPs. Have been retained to recruit and train numerous local security forces in support of exploration operations in many countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Greece, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana and Brazil. International Projects

International Projects: 

Sierra Leone – successfully evacuated a senior corporate management team out of country during a civil war and during a rebel army occupation of the capital city Greece - developed the security infrastructure and crisis management plan and trained a 100 man local security force for a gold mine operation Ecuador – completed a threat, risk, vulnerability assessment and designed an operations plan for a gold mining operation Sierra Leone - developed the security infrastructure and operational plan, recruited and trained a 500 man local counter insurgency security force for a diamond mine operation Republic of Congo – trained a local security force of 150 to protect a diamond concession International Projects

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