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How to Tweet by @ lxshancock (Alexis Hancock)

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Step 1:Sign up for an account and find email contacts who are already tweeting and follow them….and hopefully they’ll follow you back

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Step 2: Make your first tweet about your company or yourself. Depending on who you are and what you want to accomplish through twitter.

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Step 3: Put your website in your bio. Make sure it has a hyperlink. Make it easy for people to transition to where you want them to go.

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Step 4: Tweet frequently interesting facts about your company. Ask questions to your followers, I t’s free feedback.

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Step 5: Use twitter services such as tinyurl to shorten links and twitpic for pictures.

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Step 6: To make it easy to tweet frequently, consider a third party app on your mobile phone or a desktop application.

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Step 7: Make # hashtags for your events and new products. This way you can monitor what people say…and hopefully one day your tweet will make a TT (Top Trend) too 

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# TheEnd -Music: “Luck of Lucien” by A Tribe Called Quest

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