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nancy marshall Carrick Award for Australian university teaching early career academic application


This presentation provides supporting documentation for my early career Carrick award application. Please use the ‘slide show’ format in PowerPoint to view this material. If a word or phrase is in this colour, it has a hyperlink to another file or website. At any time, please press the ‘home’ button at the bottom of the page to return to the home page menu. At any time, please press the ‘back arrow’ button to return to the previous slide. At any time, please press the ‘forward arrow’ button to go to the next slide. When you want to come back from a linked document to the main presentation, the computer may ask you to 'open' or 'save' the PowerPoint, please select 'open' each time. I hope you can take the time to view some of the work produced by me and my students. Enjoy the tour! Nancy Marshall navigation tips


courses research final words my journey continues... topics


local planning urban society integrated planning – communication social planning thesis students courses PLAN 2041


PLAN 1042 local planning course outline sample lecture (abridged) – site observation Wingham field trip assignment brief Wingham field trip photo journey sample student work - mental map PLAN 1042 Local Planning UOC 6 – A first year undergraduate Bachelor of Town Planning core course. This course is an introduction to local planning processes. It focuses on theoretical understandings and practical knowledge needed by planners working on local issues. The course is set in the broad context of the notion of the 'local' and its importance for communities and individuals. The identification of local planning issues, competing stakeholders, and strategies that planners can use to deal with conflicting local demands are considered. Students are exposed to these issues through lectures, class exercises, readings and field trips. Critical observation skills are developed during field trips. Key readings in locality studies, communication, conflict resolution, and stakeholder identification and interests help students to bring theoretical understandings into current practice. Assessment is based on class participation, reading set texts, group projects on field excursions, and a final examination.


PLAN 1011 urban society course outline sample lecture – seachange motives term paper assignment brief sample student work - term paper PLAN 1011 Urban Society UOC 6 – A first year undergraduate Bachelor of Town Planning core course. The primary objective of this course is to encourage students to critically consider their understanding of the society in which they live. Students are introduced to different sociological perspectives that have been used to describe and analyse aspects of contemporary urban society and the way in which the sociological imagination can inform an understanding of urban life. Of central concern are the origins, theoretical traditions and contemporary debates of sociology. Issues of social equity, social class, technological change, and ideal and imagined communities are all canvassed, underpinned by an interest in the role of planning in managing change and community development. The course is structured around a combination of lectures, weekly readings, and occasional audio and visual materials, with a variety of assessment tasks.


PLAN 2041 integrated planning - communication course outline sample lecture – student work review sample student paper PLAN 2041 Integrated Planning1-Communication UOC 6 – A second year undergraduate Bachelor of Town Planning core course. The course targets a range of communication skills required of planners in practice and is designed to enhance student expertise in the oral, written, graphic and digital presentation of planning information. Students are introduced to theories of communication as a foundation for their work. The course canvasses issues of professional writing, seminar presentation techniques, effective graphic displays, and communication of information through different media. It is designed to encourage independent research skills as well as the team-based planning and cooperation necessary for major presentations. The major outcome is a series of multi-faceted student presentations on topics of contemporary planning interest. The course builds on acquired knowledge as the first in a series of three major courses in integrated learning and skills development.


PLAN 3015 social planning course outline sample lecture – social cohesion multicultural tour field trip photo journey sample student ‘mini-conference’ paper PLAN 3015 Social Planning UOC 6 – A fourth year undergraduate Bachelor of Town Planning core course. The course is intended to provide students with a deeper understanding of the social and cultural issues central to contemporary urban planning. It provides in-depth examination of the diverse characteristics and needs of the different groups who inhabit and claim space in the postmodern city. The focus is on the notion of the humane, multicultural city, human expressions of difference and diversity, and the realities of everyday living. The population groups that are explored include ethnic communities, Aborigines, children, youth, older people, the homeless, the poor, people with disabilities, and gays and lesbians. Using key theoretical readings as well as practical exercises, students learn to question their own prejudices and values in order to understand the way that personal perspectives affect professional roles. Assessment is based on participation in class exercises, workshops and field trips, set readings, some written assignments, and a group presentation.


thesis students – PhD and BPLAN Doctor of Philosophy – PhD The PhD degree requires students to make an original and significant contribution to knowledge in an area of research on the built environment. Supervision is available for topics relevant to the disciplinary areas in the Faculty of the Built Environment. Cross-disciplinary research is encouraged. BPLAN Thesis – A fifth year undergraduate Bachelor of Town Planning degree requirement. The BPLAN thesis is the culmination of a five-year undergraduate education. Students select their own topic to investigate and then pursue original substantive research. The final theses reports not only contribute to individual student learning, they often incorporate recommendations for professional practice and policy development. thesis supervision


sample journal article Marshall, Nancy, Murphy, Peter, Burnley, Ian and Graeme Hugo. forthcoming. ‘Australian Intrastate Migration: The Story of Age Pensioners.’ Australian Social Policy Journal. sample conference paper Marshall, Nancy. 2006. Cross-disciplinary Design: Teaching, Learning and Professional Perspectives. 4th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities January 11-14, Honolulu, USA. sample book chapter Marshall, Nancy. forthcoming. ‘Planning as a Profession.’ In Planning Australia (Thompson editor). Cambridge University Press: Sydney. sample of a major report Corkery, L., Marshall, N., Quinlan, A. and L. Zamberlan. 2003. Learning and Teaching Design Excellence. FBE Quality Task Force Final Report. Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW. Sydney. research PhD – digitised abstract . Marshall, Nancy. 2001. Into the Third Millennium: Neocorporatism, the State and the Urban Planning Profession. Unpublished Ph.D. thesis, University of New South Wales. Sydney. research group director - urban and cultural studies ARC linkage grant – ‘people and parks’ research examples


First uni class ever Name calling Street research Close proximity Notable quotables Team QTF What is an ideal design teacher What our students want from us Auto pilot Are we on track? Apples and oranges Dear diary Eyes on the prize Head space I am student ‘hear me roar’ Everyone has a voice Full-on Set them up for success Room for improvement Celebrate learning diversity Sense of belonging Safety first Students as teachers Our future leaders Referee Taking ‘care’ of business All-for-one Culture vulture Tour guides ‘what is said in this room stays in this room’ On being honest Great expectations CATEI counts Pushing the envelope Infotainment Performing planners Meet and greet Young gun Theory meets practice Babes and brothels 24/7 The Global Pot Liaison at large Gloating is good Inspiration is a 2-way street Make it memorable Being there Take a look Practice makes perfect final words… my journey continues

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