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COMMAND PHILOSOPHY   As you will soon realize, I like keeping things simple. So in keeping with that tradition, this is my Command Philosophy. First, safety is paramount. This is not just a cliché. Your safety is of the utmost importance to me. Period. Teamwork is essential for our success. In order to be a cohesive team, we need to respect each other up and down the chain of command. Look out for your shipmates on and off the ship. Each and every one of you plays an integral part in our overall success. You are the greatest asset onboard DECISIVE. I am fully committed to your personal and professional development. Training defines who we are and will enhance our ability to accomplish our mission. We are all in a learning mode from the Commanding Officer to the newly reporting Non-rate. Take advantage of the opportunity. I strive to make available all the tools and resources necessary to meet your personal and professional needs. Show pride in ownership. This is your ship. Be proud that you are the caretaker of one of the finest cutters in the fleet. Family is important. I consider your family part of the DECISIVE family. Take care of home. Flexibility and adaptability is key to balancing work and home life. And finally, the one thing that I consider to be the most important aspect of going to sea…Have a blast! You are only going to pass through this part of your life once. Enjoy the experience. Life is too short not to. I am confident that if we concentrate on these few items, we will be highly successful in all that we do. One last thing, always be confident, vigilant and of course, DECISIVE in all your actions. So there you have it….Are you ready? I am… S. T. BAYNES COMMANDING OFFICER

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