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LOCAL PORT AUTHORITY PERSPECTIVE Gary S. Walton, CEcD Executive Director Buffalo-Putnam Port District

Why is important?: 

Why is important?

Barge freight is financially competitive.: 

Barge freight is financially competitive.


Aluminum Shipping Cost per Ton New Orleans to Owensboro, KY, March 2005 Source: Owensboro Riverport Authority


It is not the direct employment that matters most. What matters is local port’s ability to support commerce, which then generates employment and income. And…there’s room for growth example – Automotive Parts


Source: The Motor Vehicle Parts & Equipment Industry in West Virginia, West Virginia Development Office Room for growth in West Virginia’s Automotive Industry

The Local Struggle What are the issues?: 

The Local Struggle What are the issues?


1. Limited public and private capital - Financing is extremely important - Resources must be leveraged 2. Environmental limitations and constraints will not go away - wetlands and floodplain - previous Native American habitation 3. Public education is needed – Communication is the key…


Funding sources are difficult to identify New construction, while expensive has been relegated to second place because of the need to upgrade existing ports Post 9/11 – security increases Most funding is made available to the major sea ports such as Norfolk, VA; New Orleans, LA…


First Steps - Identify port site Master Plan completed in January 2000 Identified the South Buffalo site – adjacent to Toyota Motor Mfg, WV.


Buffalo-Putnam Port Site – Buffalo, West Virginia


Site Considerations Wetlands Issues Floodplain - approximately ½ site is flood plain. - some tile was installed and ditch lines cleared. Existing wetlands and flood plain have been limiting factors when trying to attract industry to the site.

Too many unknowns: 

Too many unknowns


Site Considerations Native American Issues - Buffalo Indian Village a National Register Historic Site - worked with Shawnee and Cherokee Indian tribes to: 1. establish approved reburial site 2. request release of 674 individual remains from Ohio State University


Important Because Likely that other presently unknown remains will be found during Phase I and Phase II environmental review of the port site and adjoining property. We are still responsible for the two bone fragments found in Fraziers Bottom during wetland move.


Cost of Environmental Phase I & II Unknown at present due to the potential value of historic finds yet to be discovered. If port site is purchased and limited to 25 acres. -cost $70,000 to dig 1x1x1 pits on 10 acres (min. estimate $175,000 + $100,000 for underground radar)


Need funding to acquire actual port site. - Recent sale of property adjoining Toyota site means costs have escalated. - Assume 25 acres minimum @ $50,000/acre = $1,250,000


Site development costs - wetlands remediation - e.g. cost PCDA $500,000 to move 13 acres of wetlands in Fraziers Bottom. - filling of flood plain areas. - any buildings must be constructed out of the flood plain. - would require LOMR


Communication Is Key


The greatest challenge of communications is the illusion that it has been accomplished. - George Bernard Shaw


Communication Is Key - communication with county residents/stakeholders about the importance of a port - communication with potential users/operators of a facility - communication with potential funding sources - reassurance to board members that it can not be accomplished over night.


Buffalo-Putnam Port District Authority - board of directors in place prior to 2000 - how do you keep directors interested when so much time passes - focus on minor wins - keep focus on future - limit board meetings to 1 hour and one meeting per quarter

What Do We Need?: 

What Do We Need?


Dedicated Funding a. Land Acquisition b. Environmental Clearance c. Port Development Dedicated Board/organization Ownership/Management decisions User (s) A coordinated effort

Thank You: 

Thank You Gary S. Walton, CEcD Buffalo Putnam Port District Authority

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