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Giraffe By Jennifer

Physical Description: 

Physical Description The Reticulated giraffe can weigh up to 3,000 pounds and can grow to be 18 feet tall. It has short white fur with brown spots all over its body. Both the neck and legs can be 5 to 6 feet long and so can the tail!


Habitat They live mostly in Eastern and Southern Africa. They like to eat acacia trees. They like to live in dry savannas and flat grassy areas.

Food and Diet: 

Food and Diet Giraffes are herbivores. They eat twigs, seedpods, and fruit. Their favorite food is the leaves of the spiny acacia tree. When a giraffe wants to drink it has to spread its front legs very far apart to lower its head and neck.


Predators Human poachers kill giraffes, because they want the tail, the meat and the hide. They aren’t endangered. They protect themselves by kicking away predators like lions or leopards with their huge feet.


Babies Nursery groups of young animals are left alone together during the day. A baby giraffe is 6 feet tall when it is born, and they can weigh about 120 pounds. Babies learn to walk and run the first day.

Interesting Facts: 

Interesting Facts A giraffe heart can pump 16 gallons of blood in one minute! Giraffes tongue’s are blue and can extend more than 40cm long. A giraffe stands while sleeping. If a giraffe has three bumps on its head it is a boy. Giraffes have 7 vertebrae in their necks just like humans .


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