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While waiting for the others, try answer these : Why is Seng’s cat so small? What sits at a corner, but gets to places?

Philosophy Library Tutorial: 

Philosophy Library Tutorial Conducted by Karen Yap Y. M. Central Library


Objectives Help you do your research: use the most relevant source/s to check for information check the source/s efficiently


Outline Indexes of Current Information Doing research Using Philosopher’s Index (Demonstration) Using LINC/LION (Demonstration) Interpreting Citations How to cite Useful reference books

Research Topic: 

Research Topic

Doing Research: 

Doing Research Get an overview of topic : from encyclopaedia Do an outline for the different sections Search for materials on topic or section Read and understand materials Start writing

Encyclopaedias : example: 

Encyclopaedias : example The Encyclopedia of Ethics. 1999.

Search statement: 

Search statement Formulate your search statement (ethic* OR moral) AND (abortion OR birth control)

Boolean Operators: 

Boolean Operators OR is used to indicate that either terms may be present E.g. AND is used to indicate that both terms must be present * is used to truncate the term e.g. ethic* will retrieve ethic, ethics, ethical

Sources of Information: 

Sources of Information Current Last week Last month Last year Newspapers Conference papers Journal articles

Indexes for Philosophy(all Web-based): 

Indexes for Philosophy (all Web-based) Philosopher’s Index Web of Science Social Science Citation Index Arts andamp; Humanities Citation Index Humanities Abstracts Proquest Digital Dissertations for theses No links to full text

More on Philosopher’s Index: 

More on Philosopher’s Index indexes over 550 journals, book reviews, chapters in books, etc. from mainly U.S. and the Western world (43 countries). has coverage: 1940 - has abstracts that give summary of items. Has links to selected (NOT all) full-text articles covers topics like aesthetics, ethics, logic, medical law, philosophy of science

Databases Demonstration: 

Databases Demonstration (1) Philosopher’s Index (2) LION (3) Abbreviations for Journals url: DEMO

Abbreviations for Journals: 

Abbreviations for Journals E.g. : Austl J Phil Move mouse to E-Resources Choose EJournals scroll down a bit to Useful Links Choose Journal Abbreviations click on the first link All that JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources click on Philosophy

Two Citations from Phil. Index: 

Two Citations from Phil. Index TI: Could Your Life Have Been Different? AU: Campbell,-Scott SO: American-Philosophical-Quarterly. Ja 00; 37(1): 37-50 TI: The Nature of Illness Experience AU: Martinez,-Richard SO: Theoretical-Medicine-and-Bioethics.2002; 23(3): 259-269

Meaning of Numbers in Citation :: 

Meaning of Numbers in Citation : American Philosophical Quarterly Ja 00; 37(1): 37-50 Ja 00; 37(1): 37-50 Ja 00 means January 2000 37(1) means volume 37, number 1 37-50 means pages 37 to 50

‘Odd’ Citations: 

‘Odd’ Citations Op cit : opus citatum which means in the work already cited Ibid : ibidem which means in the same book, chapter, etc. More on citations in : (Look for LION at left side, middle of screen, click Cite references, Understanding citations)

Materials NOT in the library: 

Materials NOT in the library Via E-Forms after you have logged in For books, request the Library to buy For copy of journal article, use Document Delivery Service or DDS (limited to three a year)

Materials NOT in the library: More on DDS: 

Materials NOT in the library: More on DDS Document Delivery Service All requests must be forwarded to lecturer for approval and then onward to Library requesters will incur charges if they do not collect their requested articles For more information, please email or call 6874-3472

Citing Books: 

Author Book title Publication details Citing Books

Citing journal articles: 

Journal title Author of article Article title Volume and issue Page Citing journal articles

Citing conference papers: 

Conference title Author Conference paper Publication details Citing conference papers

Citing References: 

Citing References Chicago manual of style: the essential guide for writers, editors and publishers. 15th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003. Z253 Chi 2003 CL Reference 8, CL Books Turabian, Kate L. A manual for writers of term papers, theses and dissertations. 6th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996. LB2369 Tur CL Reference 8, CL RBR (Loans Desk 1) , etc.

How to Find List of Useful Philosophy Reference Books: 

How to Find List of Useful Philosophy Reference Books Place the mouse over E-Resources then Library Projects, click Our Publications, click Bibliographies, choose Arts and Social Sciences, then click HTML at Philosophy

Loan Entitlement : 

Online renewals : twice 4TH Year, Honours andamp; Graduate Students : 15 items Loan Entitlement Materials RBR Main Shelves book Closed Stacks book Bound periodical Closed Stacks periodical Loan Period 2 Hours/Overnight 4 weeks (Graduate students) 1 day } }

Student Advisory Service: 

Email:   Student Advisory Service


Answers to Riddles Why is Seng’s cat so small? Because it drinks condensed milk. 2) What sits at a corner, but gets to places? A postage stamp


Hope you have become wiser Thank you All the bests

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