Say No to Plastic Why Jute Bags Are Superior


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Whether there is a need to purchase a tote for everyday use or a highly functional, but stylish bag is desired for shopping, jute stands as the superior choice.


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Say No to Plastic: Why Jute Bags Are Superior As more retailers ease away from the practice of giving out plastic bags to their customers to contain their purchases the need to find functional alternatives is on the rise. Jute bags are the alternative of choice for many people not only for grocery and other purchases but also everyday use. Stylish and highly durable this material offers advantages over plastic that few people stop to consider. Jute bags are made from plant fibers that are bound together to create strong threads. The cloth made from the threads is than crafted to create a variety of products jute bags chief among them. Long used for the storage of dry goods and other products jute bags also known as burlap have come into their own in recent years due to growing environmental concerns associated with plastic. Jute bags are viewed as superior to plastic for making totes grocery bags and other designs for these reasons and more:  Their materials are fully renewable – Whereas plastic bags are made using fossil fuels that are in limited supply across the planet jute is crafted from plant fibers. When jute bags are used instead of plastic the materials required are fully renewable. This eases the stress on finite natural resources and is considered better for the environment as a result.  They are reusable – Plastic bags handed out by retailers to carry produce meat clothing and other items are generally one-use items. Once they’re used they generally end up being thrown away. On the other hand jute bags are designed to endure repetitive use. They can stand up to years of wear and tear in fact with only a little basic care.  They are strong – Plastic is prone to melting tearing stretching and simply cannot withstand heavy weight items in most cases. Jute provides a stronger option that can easily handle heavier bulkier items.  They are stylish – Jute bags can be crafted into beautiful designs that can easily replace standard totes people might use for shopping in place of purses and for getaways. Jute can be dyed to alter its appearance making the design options practically endless. Standard plastic bags on the other hand are flimsy and are simply not meant to be used as accessories.  They are biodegradable – Since jute bags are made from all-natural materials they are fully biodegradable. This is an advantage that plastic simply cannot boast. Materials made from plastic once discarded never fully break down and return to the environment. Stylish durable and fully renewable jute bags off a discerning alternative to plastic. This material stands up to use better is environmentally friendly and can be crafted to provide highly attractive looks. Whether there is a need to purchase a tote for everyday use or a highly functional but stylish bag is desired for shopping jute stands as the superior choice.

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