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We perform sufficed supervision for your website, detect flaws and convey them to the owner so as to pace the responsiveness. For more info:


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What is Perfmon is a free website monitoring tool that helps you to keep your websites up. It offers monitoring solutions which results in uninterrupted and seamless functioning of your website   It is provides real time data and insight into mission critical websites and thereby increasing the credibility of your business.


How it's work Create an Account   Enter your website’s URL and Name . Now your website’s monitoring starts. We regularly inspect your website every 2 min. Instant notifications via mail are received whenever your site goes down and also a mail when it goes up. You will also get to know the reason why site went down.


Features of Uptime Performance Root Cause Investigation Downtime Analysis Every 2 min Monitoring 24*7 Support Genuine User Monitoring Alerts and Notifications.


Why Choose us? It provides free website monitoring solutions and ensures that websites are always available and running at peak performance. It stands out as a unique solution to address the varied challenges posed by websites today. It also eliminates the risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue, therefore adding value to your web based business. With such a solution in place, critical revenue and business credibility of your organization is in safe hands.


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