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7 CRAWL SPACE QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR CONTRACTOR IS THERE ENOUGH CLEARANCE BETWEEN THE SOIL AND THE FOUNDATION OF THE HOUSE A contractor must elevate a crawl space a few feet off the ground. This protects the earth around a home and gives homeowners enough space to access utilities. DOES THE CRAWL SPACE NEED VENTS Your crawl space must be in a conditioned area of the home. If it isnt it needs access to conditioned air. DOES THE INSULATION MEET REQUIREMENTS Insulation keeps air from touching cold surfaces. This thwarts condensation prevents mold and moisture issues and even reduces energy inefficiencies. DOES THE CRAWL SPACES DOOR MEET REQUIREMENTS If the crawl space houses mechanical equipment its opening must be large enough for the biggest appliance. ARE YOU USING VAPOR RETARDER ON THE BARE GROUND OF THE CRAWL SPACE FLOOR Vapor retarder prevents groundwater entry through the floor and walls. You will only need one square foot of vent for every 1500 square foot of crawl space. WHAT CAULKS AND SEALANTS DO YOU USE Make sure your contractor uses air-blocking caulk and sealants wherever the crawl space and the outside meet. HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF STANDING WATER If you have standing water in your crawl space you may need a sump pump to control moisture. Wet Basement Resolutions 51 44th St. N. Wasaga Beach ON L9Z 1Z2 PH : 1-844-202-0112

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