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We provide guaranteed basement waterproofing & crawl space waterproofing solutions in Toronto & Ontario. Basement leaks repair, basement mold removal.


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In order to make a space damp-free and habitable it requires basement waterproofing and that means working with companies that offer this service — but how do you find the right one? You do this by asking the right questions and here are some of the ones you need to ask every company you consider for the job — with advice about what answers to look for. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF ABOUT THE PROJECT As well as questions to ask the contractors, there are some questions you should ask yourself before you get to chatting with the companies. These will help you line up what you want from the project.

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1. IS THERE WATER INGRESS IN THE BASEMENT? Are there signs of water leaking into the basement through the brickwork, leaking pipes or other sources. If there is, there's a good chance more work will be needed to make the basement useable. 2.DOES BASEMENT WATERPROOFING REALLY WORK? Do some research! Visit the website of companies offering these services and look at their most estreme cases,the really bad problems they have sorted out. 3.WHAT BUDGET CAN I WORK WITH? Have a budget in mind for the project that you can afford and make sure you go for quotes a little under it as there are often expenses on top that pop up.

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4.WHAT WILL I USE THE BASEMENT FOR? There's a different level of work involved in a simple storage area versus a home office or an extra bedroom. And they will want to know the purpose of the conversion before giving a quote. 5.WHAT IS THE FLOOR SITUATION LIKE? Understanding the flood situation in your area is also key because if you are prone to flooding,then this might affect the project significantly. 6.WHAT ARE RADON LEVELS LIKE? Radon gas is a colourless and odourless gas that is pretty uncommon,but you should still check about the presence of it before starting the work as companies will need to know.

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7.CAN YOU PROVIDE A FULL QUOTE? You want to get a few quotes and you want them to be in writing and comprehensive, detailing what is included. Remember, cheapest isn't always best! 8.ARE YOU A PROPERTY CARE QUALIFIED CONTRACTOR? This is a trade association that resolve building problems including structural issues and basement waterproofing. To be a member, companies demonstrate a particular level of competence and knowledge. 9. DO YOU HAVE ANY CASE STUDIES? It is good to see case studies of previous work maybe even the option of speaking to past customers about the work done. Alternatively,they may have reviews and information on their website that helps prove they can do what they say.

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10.WHAT WATERPROOFING SYSTEM WOULD YOU RECOMMEND? There are two main routes to go when waterproofing a basement. Cementitious waterproofing system and Installation of a cavity drain system. 11.HOW MUCH WILL THE FLOOR RAISE FOR THE SYSTEM RECOMMENDED? If the basement ceiling isn't very high, then this could mean your plans for it could be affected, so you need to understand how much height you will lose by them following their recommended system. 12.HOW WILL YOU VENTILATE THE BASEMENT? Ventilation in your new basement room is always beneficial, so consideration should be given on how to ventilate it, so you need to see what the company will do to offset this problem.

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13.WILL THE CONCRETE FLOOR SLAB BE STRONG ENOUGH TO RESIST WATER PRESSURE? If there isn't a slab, it will need to be added and you want to know to what thickness and how much it will cost. This is because, if the slab isn't up to the job, the pressure of the water behind it can cause it to crack. 14.WHAT GUARANTEES DO THEY OFFER? All reputable contractors offer a guarantee on the work they do, but you also want to know what it covers, how long is it for and can it be insured?

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Wet Basement Resolutions 51 44th St. N., Wasaga Beach, ON, L9Z 1Z2 PH : 1-844-202-0112

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