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Wet Basement Resolutions install's the best sump pump that you never have to suffer from flooding in your basement again. Call our professional at 1-844-202-0112.


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WARNING SIGNS OF A WET BASEMENT www.wetbasementresolutions.ca

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1.WATER STAINS 2.SPALLING 3.EFFLORESCENCE 4.MOLD 5.DAMP SMELL www.wetbasementresolutions.ca

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Buying a new home is exciting, but buying a new home with a wet basement can be extremely disappointing and frustrating. As you go to showings, make sure you watch out for these moisture problems signs: WATER STAINS TRAITS: Damp/Wet spots CAUSE: Various causes, such as water coming in through the windows or a laundry tub that overflows www.wetbasementresolutions.ca

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SPALLING TRAITS: The material’s surface is flaked away CAUSE: When water gets inside brick,stone,or concrete EFFLORESCENCE TRAITS: Traces of grayish or white ash on the walls CAUSE: When salt deposits are left on walls by evaporating water www.wetbasementresolutions.ca

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MOLD TRAITS: Can be clear,or various colours,including green,yellow ,black,or brown. CAUSE: Basements are often colder and not well ventilated, which can lead to mold growth DAMP SMELL TRAITS: Musty .moldy smell CAUSE: When there’s excess moisture in a basement www.wetbasementresolutions.ca

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LET US HELP YOU PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY FROM WATER DAMAGE WITH OUR PROVEN SULUTIONS. Call us at Wet Basement Resolutions today for information on our waterproofing services. Wet Basement Resolutions 51 44th St. N., Wasaga Beach, ON, L9Z 1Z2 PH: 1-844-202-0112

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