Evolution of Settelment & Population Geography

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Gondia Education Society's C.J. Patel College, Tirora , Dist.- Gondia 441911. Subject : POPULATION GEOGRAPHY Topic Evolution of Settlement Geography Evolution of Population Geography Is presented by Dr. Nanabhau S. Kudnar M.A., B.Ed., SET, NET, Ph.D., M.B.A . Head, Department of Geography C.J . Patel College Tirora .


EVOLUCTION OF SETTEMENT GEOGRAPHY No one know which exactly the first settlements or when they began to growth archeogical evidence in the Indus valley & Egypt and other site of early civilization. But even before man built walls of the stone & mortar he must leaves & thatch settlements come into existence mainly because of the gregarious nature of man. This interaction between individual , group & group, needed a concrete medium the settlement. the first settlement were a system of villages witch had some degree of interaction rather than just isolated groups of house having in to contact with each other .


The direction of changes is from the simple to complex from village to megacity . The model used to demonstrate the evolution of settelement tracves the growth of metropolis form Hamlet a Hamlets define as a small group houses where live a homogeneous people whose only occupation is related to primary resource utilization. The evolution process brind about changes in several aspects are Morphology Population & Society occupation pattern. Services.


The study of the evolution of settlement is easier in the urban phase than in the rural . Because in urban settlements normally maintain records & rural settlement no maintain records . A popper study requires the collection of detailed , accurate information & the analysis of the region as a whole


EVOLUTION OF POPULATION GEOGRAPHY Physical Geography and Human geography are two main branches of geography. In physical geography we study the nature and distribution of physical and nature phenomena surface of the earth .Also we study the nature & distribution of physical features such as Mountains, plateaus ,Rivers , glaciers and rocks form & important part of geographical studies. Human Geography is relatively a new branch of geography in Human Geography we study the culture, landscape, language, industrial establishment etc….


Physical Geography & Human geography both have several sub- Branches. Geomorphology, Climatology, Soil geography some Of the important sub- branches of physical geography Human Geography also has several sub-braches. For example Population Geography Economic geography, Political geography, These are the sub –braches of Human geography


Population geography is recently developed branch in human geography. In pulation geography we study distribution of population it’s growth Characteristics. It’s Religious, & Linguistic, economic stricture migration, age composition ect… though population geography has emerge3d on independent discipline only recently ,various aspects Discussion regarding now two enumerate economic & agricultural aspects of population is found in Aine- Akbari (321-269 B.C) written during the of emperor Akbar population


The scientific study of population Geography is started from seventeen century JOHN GROUNT (1620-1674) Is considered the father of population geography . Glean .T. Trewartha he was the most imporant personality to elevate the population geography. In 1953 Trewartha offered a attentive Scheme of the content & organization of materials in population geography. Gleam.T . trewatha attemetted a book on geography of population the book divied in two parts


1 st Is dealing with geography of population in the past. 2 nd With all the characterized of population . A part from Trewartha john Clark(1965) Wilbur Zelinsky, J.Beauju Gaminer, Gray.l. peters , Robart.P.Lakin & this geographer contributed to growth of this fields. the first text on population geography in 1965 the book write by john Clarke .


Reference book Introduction of settlement geography.(sumita Ghosh ) Geography of settlement.(R.Y.Singh) Population Geography. (Dr. Savant ) Geography of Population.(R.C.chandana)


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