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Gondia Education Society's C.J. Patel College, Tirora , Dist.- Gondia 441911. Subject : THEOROTICAL AND APPLIED GEOGRAPHY Topic Vasco-Da-Gama Is presented by Dr. Nanabhau S. Kudnar M.A., B.Ed., SET, NET, Ph.D., M.B.A . Head, Department of Geography C.J . Patel College Tirora .


Introduction: Born=1465 or 1469.sines or vidiqueira,alentejo,kingdom of portugal . Died=23 December 1524(aged 54-64) kochi,India . Occupation Explorer Governor of portuguese India. VASCO-DA-GAMA The portuguese navigator vasco da gama led an expeditoon at the end of the 15 th century that opened the sea route to India by way of the cape of good hope at the southern tip of Africa. He was born about 1460 at sines .He was a gentlement at court when he was chosen to lead the expendition to India.


Vasco Da Gama (1460-1524) Vasco Da Gama was born in sines , portugal in 1460,the year prince henry of portugal,more famously known as henry the navigator ,died da gama’s.Father was a member of the royal house hold of prince dom frenoyo ,and young.Vasco grow up in the town of lisbon.Estevao da gama and isabel sober where good parents to vasco.They made sure that at a young age.He learned how to fish,swim and soil.Then at school,between 1484 and 1492 and most probably in the town of evora,he studied astronomy and navigation. His family was not originally from portugal,but da gama did not think og any place but portugal as his home his fathers family originally come from the southern , provience of alengtago which is part of portugal.His mother family on the other hand was english in 1484 he become a sailor later in between voyages.The studied still long enough to find a women and marry her.His wife name was cateriana in 1500.


Major Achivements Vasco da gama’s helped a portugal become rich and femous as he was making portugal one of the most important trading and naval powers in the Indian ocean , he notched up some major achivement for himself. In 1492 he commanded the defense of Portuguese French in Guinea. When he got to India ,his final destination he bough spices and silk cloth he left again for portugal in 1499.When he got back to portugal those things were proof that their were the great treasures in India,on da gama’s second voyage . He stopped at some of the African kingdoms. When he stopped in Mombasa(new Kenya) he made a peace treaty ,between Africa and Portugal.That peace and friendship between an Africa country a Europiean country. In 1502,da gama destroyed the arab trading centers in India and along Africa east coast and setup portuguese trading centers making portugals one if the most important trading poweres . On hearing about this empire ,the king of portugal sent millitary people to help depend chritstion ethiopia from invading muslims Later , in 1524 da gama had setup trading centers and had made himself and portugal rich,king gohn III named him viceroy to India .


Country Vasco da gama “sailed for portugal”.Portugal was competing against spain for glold and fame, the portuguese king had heard a lot about the femous spanish explorer christopher columbus and was jealous of him.Columbus had not found treasure yet,but promised to bring some back on his next voyage. Since da gama went to India and sent up trading centers da gama and portugal that rich and femous.On any other voyage,da gama set out with 133 sailors.Whwn he neturned to portugal there were only 55 soilors on a ship scurvy was the main worry of the soilors .


Impact Of The New World Vasco the gama went to African king doms on his way to India.When he went through these places he through that he was the best of all the soilors and better than the native people.Da gama put up a moment to mark his being there howere da gama stayed to long in the African king doms and the natives got angry. When da gama got to India the Indian people greeted him warmly they carried him in a chair along carried to the king, the Indian were dancing in the streets and beating durms because they thought he would bring wondrous treasure for their king. In 1502 da gama set sail for India once again.Along the way he again stopped at some of the African king doms there and in India he killed many incocent Muslims and Indians in revenge for different acts of violence against the portuguese soiloes .


Personal Reaction I think that vasco da gamas was good and bad.I think that he was good because he went to African and to India and setup trading posts along the way that has helped the world become more socilized because in Africa and India all the trading posts , many people from all over the world could become and trade.Vasco da gamas was bad too the killed many Africans , Muslims ,Arabs and Indians along the way on his voyages . Vasco da gamas was a very strict man and made sure that every thing was going as planned .Nobody dared to double cross him for they feared that he was too strong.


Letter Life Vasco da gamas was 64 and living at his house in portugal with his wife, cateriana they at aida and his 6 sons , when in 1524 king john III India.He had planned to settle down and enjoy his retirement in portugal but all of that changed .He had to go to India and make sure everything was running fine.Da gama died in India shortly after arrival on 24 december 1524.He was buried in India latter ,in 1539 his remains were reburied in a chapel in vidigueira , portugal . By-Gwendolyn. Bibliography. Fritz , jean , around the world in a hundred year. “ Da gama,vasco ” world book D p.4.


Summary Vasco da gamas was and important explorer and made a very important trip around the tip of Africa.He had a haed voyage , but made it back successfully .He was brave and a good leader.



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