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Gondia Education Society's C.J. Patel College, Tirora , Dist.- Gondia 441911. Subject : THEOROTICAL AND APPLIED GEOGRAPHY Topic Romans Contribution to Geography (Strabo) Is presented by Dr. Nanabhau S. Kudnar M.A., B.Ed., SET, NET, Ph.D., M.B.A . Head, Department of Geography C.J . Patel College Tirora .

Strabo (64 B.C.- A.D. 20):

Strabo (64 B.C.- A.D. 20) Life Education Travel Work Books The Geography

Life -:

Life - In 64 B.C. born in Amnesia in Pontus(modern Turkey)to the south of Black sea of coast. It was the capital of barbarian kings. Greek Historian,Geographer,Philosopher & also travel extensively . Strabo is mostly famous for his 17-volume work Geographica.

Education --:

Education -- Strabo studied under several prominent teachers of various specialties. His first chapter of education took place in Nysa (modern Sultanhisar, Turkey). Strabo was an admirer of Homer's poetry. The age of 20 Strabo then first moved to Rome, where he studied philosophy. In Rome he also learned grammar under the rich & famous scholar Tyrannion of Amisus.

Travel --:

Travel -- Strabo's life was characterized by extensive travels. He journeyed to Egypt and Kush. As far west as coastal Tuscany and as far south as Ethiopia in addition to his travels in Asia Minor and time spent in Rome . He moved to Rome in 44 BC, and stayed there, studying and writing.

Region of Strabo’s Travels--:

Region of Strabo’s Travels--


Work-- Strabo's works is mainly Historical & also Geography . Strabo wrote as many as 43 volumes under the title Historical Memoir . Strabo is mostly famous for his 17-volume work Geographica , Strabo is the first scholar conceived the idea of a complete geographical tertise ,comparising all 4 branches mathematical, physical, political & historical geography.

Books --:

Books -- Extensive, 17 books / Volumes — First books are devoted an introduction of the subject discusses the aims & objectives. Second book examines detail the work of Eratosthenes & discusses the changes in the map of the world. Third book gives an account of Europe with stress on the geography of Spain, France & Britain. Forth book is devoted to Britain & Alps . Fifth &sixth books are devoted to Italy & Sicily .


Seventh book he gave a brief & general account of the countries extending to the East of Rhine & to the North of Danube. The Eight, Ninth & Tenth books are devoted to the geography Greece & the neighboring Islands. Six books - eleventh to sixteenth are devoted to the geographical descriptions of Asia . Seventeenth & the last book of Strabo great work is devoted to Africa .


Geography- The 17 books of ‘ Geographica ’ start with 2 books of introduction to geography . Geographica , which presented a descriptive history of people and places from different regions of the world known to his era . Geographica provides a valuable source of information on the ancient world , especially when this information is corroborated by other sources.

Strabo’s World Map AD 18-:

Strabo’s World Map AD 18-

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