Steady and Unsteady Flow

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Steady and Unsteady Flow:

Steady and Unsteady Flow Presented by Manisha Tajne


Gondia Education Society's C.J. Patel College, Tirora , Dist.- Gondia 441911. Subject : FLUVIAL GEOMORPHOLOGY Topic Flow And Types of Flow Is presented by Dr. Nanabhau S. Kudnar M.A., B.Ed., SET, NET, Ph.D., M.B.A . Head, Department of Geography C.J . Patel College Tirora .


Flow Flow is nothing but the movement of material in a particular direction

Steady flow:

Steady flow If the depth of at a particular point dose not change or can be considered constant for the time interval under consideration. When all the time derivatives of a flow field vanish ,the flow is considered to be a steady flow. Steady state flow refers to the condition where the fluid properties at a point in the system do not change over time.

Unsteady flow:

Unsteady flow If the flow characteristics change with time, it is varied. There is change in mean velocity and depth as a place change with time.

Unsteady Flow:

Unsteady Flow Flow is slowly varying along a channel.

Shear stress:

Shear stress The component of stress coplanar with a material cross section , shear stress arises from, therefore, force vector component parallel to the cross section.

Shear stress in Fluids:

Shear stress in Fluids Viscosity, depth-slope product and simple shear or any real fluids moving along solid boundary will incur a shear stress on that boundary. On boundary, speed of the fluid is zero(0).


T(Y)= μ δ u/ δ y Where, μ = the dynamic viscosity of the fluid. U= the velocity of the fluid along the boundary. Y= the height above the boundary.

Stream power:

Stream power It is the rate of the energy dissipation again the bed against the bed and banks of a river or stream per unit downstream length. Ω= pgQS Where, Ω is stream power P is density of water (1000kg/m 3 ) g is acceleration due to gravity(9.8m 2 /s) Q is discharge(m 3 /s) S is channel slope.

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