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Geometry2-Dimensional & 3-Dimensional Shapes : 

Geometry2-Dimensional & 3-Dimensional Shapes By: Melissa Miller

Some Helpful Definitions : 

Some Helpful Definitions Shape – The outer form or outline. Polygon – A closed plane figure bounded by straight lines. Solid – A three-dimensional shape.

2-Dimensional Shapes : 

2-Dimensional Shapes

Circle : 

Circle A Circle is a figure bound by a curved line that is equally distant from any fixed point.

Triangle : 

Triangle A Triangle is a three-sided figure with three angles.

Parallelogram : 

Parallelogram A Parallelogram is a four sided figure with parallel opposite sides. The figures parallel sides are also the same length. Can you find the parallelogram in the picture?

Square : 

Square A Square is a parallelogram with four equal sides. A Square is a polygon. A Square is also a quadrilateral.

Quadrilateral : 

Quadrilateral Here are several examples of a Quadrilateral. A Quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon. Another example…….

Rectangle : 

Rectangle A Rectangle is a parallelogram with opposite sides of the same All angles are right angles.

Pentagon : 

Pentagon A Pentagon is a five-sided polygon.

Hexagon : 

Hexagon A Hexagon is a six- sided polygon.

Heptagon : 

Heptagon A Heptagon is a seven-sided polygon.

Octagon : 

Octagon An Octagon is an eight-sided polygon.

Nonagon : 

Nonagon A Nonagon is a nine-sided polygon.

Decagon : 

Decagon A Decagon is a ten-sided polygon.

Solids(Three Dimensional Shapes) : 

Solids(Three Dimensional Shapes)

Sphere : 

Sphere A Sphere is a three-dimensional figure in the shape of a circle. Every point on its surface is an equal distance from the center.

Cylinder : 

Cylinder A Cylinder is a 3-Dimensional figure with the base of a circle A Cylinder’s center moves along a straight line.

Cube : 

Cube A Cube is a 3-Dimensional figure whose faces are all squares of the same size.

Rectangular Prism : 

Rectangular Prism A Rectangular Prism is a 3-Dimensional figure with two parallel, matching bases.

Cone : 

Cone A Cone is a 3-Dimensional figure with the base of a circle.

Pyramid : 

Pyramid A Pyramid is a 3-Dimensional figure with one base and all sides are triangles.

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