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To achieve these great SDG targets, the involvement of youth is a key factor. Teach them, hone up their thinking skills and prepare them for a sustainable future ahead.


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How SDGs could be Nurtured and Taught at Schools in India Schools are an important element of society and teaching from the grassroots level are an effective way to make people aware of the Sustainable Development Goals put forward by the UN. But how to inculcate such changes and inspirations Given below are some creative ways in which this could be done. 1. Educational Assessment This is the foremost step that a school can take up with the help of the NGO Foundation. A full analysis is required in the syllabus and teachings to understand the extent of awareness made about SDGs. 2. Live Campaigning Another fantastic idea that could be taken up by any NGO in Delhi Mumbai Kolkata or any big city. Prepare posters that are immensely informational. Encourage the creation of such posters among students to help them understand these goals. 3. Organize Seminar

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It doesn’t have to be a boring lecture rather a creative simulation of the ongoing social issues that the students can relate to such as Zero Hunger Good Health and well-being that could be understood easily. 4. Promotion through art A creative image remains fixed within a child’s mind when depicted with illustrations. Thus exhibitions and organizing such programmes would help a lot in this regard.

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