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Local Stream information created by students from Mevlille Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand.


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Fish Life :

Fish Life Mangakotukutuku Stream

What kind of fish live in the stream?:

What kind of fish live in the stream? Giant Kokopu Banded Kokopu Mudfish Inanga Smelt Torrent fish Common bully Redfin bully Longfin eel Shortfin eel

Where is the stream?:

Where is the stream? Mangakotukutuku stream Glenview streams Melville Sandford park Split avenue Resthills park

What do fish eat?:

What do fish eat? They eat a variety of things including smaller fish of there own kind. They also eat small frogs and seeds. The diet of fish is based on their habitat.

Facts :


Fishy facts:

Fishy facts The fish in the stream love to eat smaller fish e.g. eels eat baby eels and other fish eat their own kind. Fish live in the banks of the stream or river. Do you know fish have two chambered hearts. Did you know that fish don’t have eyelids. Did you know early fish had no scales, fins, or jawbone, but they did have a dorsal fin.

References :

References Thank you for your time  Arland A nathaliya and S ian   

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