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Renal Transplantation in India - NU Hospitals Bangalore Kidney diseases are a hairy issue no matter where you were born or grew up. The fact of the matter is this the kidneys are not limited to just one function rather many inter-related and complex functions. A rather less known fact is that only one kidney is ever used in normal everyday functions. If and when one kidney starts failing the other starts working as well. Now one might wonder why kidneys come as a pair. When one kidney is mostly always sufficient for functioning of the body carrying two might seem redundant. As it happens you would be greatly wrong to think so. Nothing in nature is unnecessary. Some might argue that is not true. If we were to take the example of the human body the appendix as an organ solves no everyday purpose. But what it does do is help us trace where our genetic make- up originates from. This logic holds good for all that we find in nature. Hence having two kidneys also serves a purpose. First it has a lot of important functions and second and most importantly you need to have two kidneys because they are the least taken care of and the most dubious when it comes to symptoms of damage. It generally is so difficult to detect kidney diseases in the early stages that kidney transplantations have become exceedingly common. The current trend of kidney related issues is on the rise. As the world approaches a point where human lives get more sedentary and people have less physical activities the dangers relating to kidney complications keep going on the rise. It has long been known that obesity is a major risk factor for kidneys. Another risk is diabetes. Diabetes too is on a rising trend and that has affected millions of people. When diabetes reaches stage 2 it is especially dangerous. If the kidneys

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are left untreated in such a condition one might end up having long term kidney complications including and not limited to getting a transplant surgery. Kidney transplantation is now quite a common surgery. Kidneys are the easiest solid organs to transplant and thus the success rates of kidney transplantations are high. This fact in no wayis a positive point to let people forget about their rather huge obligation to keep their kidneys taken care of. Some of the times these unfortunate incidents occur not because of personal disregard but many other conditions beyond control. Dialysis is a viable option to replace kidney functioning before transplant surgery is required. For kidney transplant in India some rules need to be remembered. First of all there is a waitlist on which a kidney transplantation patient is put. The other way around it is to get a live donor. For a live donor there are some checks to take care of. Checks like blood compatibility and other issues which commonly results in family being the donors. The chances of success are good as the body can function with one kidney. A kidney transplant in India is now just as common as with other developed nations the only difference is that we should take better care of our health. For More Info: Blog:

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