Finance For Startups: 7 Interesting Statistics


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Some fascinating statistics from a study involving 125 entrepreneurs, revealing some interesting opinions about how startups are assisted with funding.


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Finance For Startups:

Finance For Startups 7 Interesting Statistics from an SVB study… n

Government Involvement:

Government Involvement “56% of entrepreneurs believe the UK government should be more involved in helping startups find funding.” Source: SVB


Challenging “90% of entrepreneurs find obtaining financing in the UK extremely challenging.” Source: SVB

Tax Reform:

Tax Reform “52% of entrepreneurs would suggest tax reform for startups.” Source: SVB

Size Matters:

Size Matters “A company with fewer than 10 employees are more likely to find angel investors than businesses with more than 10.” Source: SVB

Inexperienced Investors:

Inexperienced Investors “14% of entrepreneurs described British venture capitalists and ‘inexperienced investors’.” Source: SVB

Going it Alone:

Going it Alone “Just 39% of the entrepreneurs interviewed said that they were seeking capital from VCs and Angel investors.” Source: SVB

Revenue Projections :

Revenue Projections “20% of entrepreneurs reported beating their projections for company revenue for 2012.” Source: SVB

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