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India Shining – Ohh.. Really!!:

India Shining – Ohh.. Really!! Pardeep S Attri

Shining Kids Working Kids In India 40% children don’t attend school . :

Shining Kids Working Kids In India 40% children don’t attend school .

India Sinking :

India Sinking 15 million children are bonded labourers [Source: UNICEF & CRY] 260 million or one in every four person in the world is an Indian. Also one in every four Indian is POOR.  (From INDIA TODAY, 18 th DEC.06)

India Sinking:

India Sinking India continues to be at the BOTTOM of the pile as far as the HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX is concerned RANKED as low as 126.  ---- Report by UNESCO

India Shining India Sinking :

India Shining India Sinking Some get Bentley’s on Birthday’s Some don’t know when, where & why they are Born…

India Worshipping India Starving:

India Worshipping India Starving Annual Income of Temples: Rs 36,500 Crores ( Conservative Figure) 77% of Indian are living on Rs.20/day.

Healthy India Deprived India :

Healthy India Deprived India Half of India’s Dalit children are under nourished, 21% are severely underweight & 12% DIE before their 5 th BIRTHDAY

Empowered Women Deprived Women:

Empowered Women Deprived Women Two million rape cases are registered each year. Delhi the capital of India has one dowry death a day!

India Sinking:

India Sinking About 700000 to 1000000 girls per year don’t even open the eyes on earth just because of the female infanticide. At one temple in Karnataka alone, 5000 girls are made “devadasis” (temple prostitutes) each year.  (Loksaba, Feb 25 th 1983)

India Sinking:

India Sinking On Sale : Indian woman for Rs. 1000! (Indo-Asian News Service New Delhi, January 20, 2006) There are 5, 00,000 children in India involved in prostitution. 2001 Census recorded the sex ratio in 0-6 age group at around 927 females to 1,000 males.

India Sinking:

India Sinking One famous film actress is said to have married a peepal tree at Benaras, a banana tree at a Bangalore temple and a god's idol in Ayodhya to overcome astrological differences of being manglik.

India Sinking :

India Sinking 14 million cases are pending the courts. (Source- Times of India, March 21 st , 2002) A crime is committed every 18 minute. Gender bias rules: only 17 % of the key decision makers are women.

India Sinking :

India Sinking 4000 Indian leaders have criminal background (Source- EC Statement 1999, Hindustan Times, New Delhi, Feb 1, 2002) 5000 fake passports are issued per year by taking bribes ( Hindustan Times, 21 st January 2002). 4000 crores fake or duplicate drugs business (Source- ET, New Delhi 13th July 2002)

India Sinking:

India Sinking Corruption Perception Index for the year 2005- India ranked 88 in the group of 158 countries. About 70000 cases are recorded each year against the POLICE itself! More shameful is that the 63% of these cases are closed without any hearing!

India Sinking :

India Sinking About $ 2500 billions are in Swiss banks deposited by the Indian leaders & Indian people, (Source- Embassy of Switzerland, New Delhi, Sept 1999) these are the people those talk that we do not have funds for poor people.

India Sinking :

India Sinking Top Indian universities are among the world’s most competitive, but nearly 40 % of adults are illiterate!! India produces well over 300,000 engineers a year, but 700 million Indians lack access to toilets. Don’t you think India needs more toilets for women in villages rather than Temples ?

India Sinking:

India Sinking Is this a 21 st century? Cannot believe! This is really shame on all Indian that even after entering in the 21 st century when rest of the world is going towards progress & development; India is still there at where it was 2500 years ago. Still practicing fake stupid rituals & customs those never let people to treat equal & expecting of becoming Developed nation with all these by 2020!!! This seems to be biggest joke of the all times!!!

Just think…:

Just think… Are we doing what was expected from us from our great revolutionaries ? No Superman or God will come to help us. We have to help ourselves. The choice is ours- Whether we want to live with Dignity… on our feet or want to live in Humiliation…on our knees ? There are crores of our Brothers and Sisters who look upon us. There are Millions who are still deprived, oppressed and discriminated.


PAY BACK TO SOCIETY Its time to Pay Back to the Society. Its time to take out time for the Society. Its time to strengthen the movement of Social Transformation. Its time to make ourselves politically Strong.


PAY BACK TO SOCIETY What are we still thinking and Waiting for? Let us contemplate on what we have done for our Society. If injustice is happening to our Millions of brothers and sisters and we can sleep, then Are we waiting for our Turn?

Solution :

Solution Let us Educate Ourselves:- Read about History and Past. The Society which doesn't know it’s history cannot build its Future.


Solution Let us Organize:- Support and Build a strong Organization instead of segregating into small groups.

Solution :

Solution Let us Agitate:- For our legitimate rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution of India.

Try to make Changes in the 3P’s & capture these:

Try to make Changes in the 3P’s & capture these 1. Police 2. Politician 3. Printing Press & electronic media.

Motivational Quotes:

Motivational Quotes "As you have come into this world, leave some marks behind. Otherwise, what is the difference between you and the trees and stones? They too come into existence, decay and die." --- Dr B R Ambedkar “Haq jinha de aapne aape lenge kho” (Means freedom is never given, we have to fight & we have to snatch from the ruling people, those are torturing us from the many years. Freedom is not Free.) ---Amrita Pritam (Punjabi Writer)

Motivational Quotes:

Motivational Quotes "Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live." Nobody responds you walk alone & make a difference. ---ADOLF HITLER

India Shining or Sinking??:

India Shining or Sinking??

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