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What I believe and why I got involved in Open Education : 

What I believe and why I got involved in Open Education Differentiating instruction is critical to fostering learning. Neither textbooks, nor proprietary software, are the best tools for this. Teachers and students need high quality content and the ability to remix it. Sharing is good and in the public interest.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are: : 

Digital Not all digital materials are open Can also be print Open Educational Resources (OER) are: Open Able to be remixed, reformatted, and redistributed Free Not all free resources are open Others are proprietary, may not always be free, and may have data privacy issues OER (sources) are not necessarily: the result of mass collaboration open for anyone to edit; can be “frozen”

Examples of OER in Use : 

Examples of OER in Use Open building blocksText, music, photos, art, etc. used to create multimedia presentations, podcasts, etc. Customized curriculum resources“Cause and Effect” ebook remixwww.wikibooks.org and www.k12handhelds.com Format remix“Animal Alphabet” moviewww.wikibooks.org Open glossary builderhttp://dictionary.k12opened.com

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Thank you. Karen Fasimpaur www.k12opened.com karen@k12opened.com First screen image credits: Linux computer lab – Michael Surran Linux penguin - Larry Ewing <lewing@isc.tamu.edu> with the GIMP Books - Tizzie Globe – NASA Cloud background - Anca Mosoiu

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