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Ahrash N Bissell

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We’re a nonprofit based in San Francisco with around 30 employees around the world. We do not offer legal advice per se. We offer free legal and technical tools that allow creators to publish and share their works on more flexible terms than standard copyright.

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Digital technologies have revolutionized how creative works are made, distributed, and used. Original text by Creative Commons Australia

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Everyday we use Movies Pictures Music Text b Are you ready??? by ssh http://www.flickr.com/photos/ssh/12638218/

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It covers everything you want to use – textbooks, photos, music, videos, lesson plans. It covers everything you want to do – copying, emailing, modifying, sharing with colleagues. Even if it’s on the internet (or TV or radio) Original text by Creative Commons Australia

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Emailing that book chapter to a friend or colleague? Posting a picture/video/article onto your learning space? Using a cartoon or drawing in a handout? Uploading resources you found to your own web space? Copying a lesson plan and posting it to a educational resource repository? b 1Happysnappers( is catching up slowly ) flickr.com/photos/21560098@N06/3636921327/

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These activities are usually illegal unless you get permission*. * with some exceptions b tvol tvol http://www.flickr.com/photos/sixteenmilesofstring/2596569134/

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But most people who tell you about copyright focus on restrictions Original text by Creative Commons Australia

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Creative Commons licenses make copyright about opportunities.

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Creative Commons provides tools for creators to grant permission ahead of time Original slide by Creative Commons Australia

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These permissions include the right to copy/distribute, perform, display, build upon, and remix.

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These tools are also for managing your own copyright Original slide by Creative Commons Australia b Tooled Flatty by flattop3 www.flickr.com/photos/flattop341/1085739925/ 41

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So that you can collaborate and share material with anyone. ryanr flickr.com/photos/ryanr/142455033

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So how does it work?

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Four License Conditions Six Licenses

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Mark your website http://creativecommons.org

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http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Marking Mark your works

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Some rights reserved

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Other Legal/Technical/Social Challenges “Quality control” Student privacy and sharing evaluative data Professionalizing localization and improvement of resources Professional development and training Building community “Authentic assessment”

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Getting involved with Open Educational Resources (OER)

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Open Educational Resources (OER) are materials, tools, and media used for teaching and learning that are free from copyright restrictions or publicly licensed for anyone to use, adapt, and redistribute.

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learn.creativecommons.org Send comments to: ahrash@creativecommons.org Ahrash Bissell

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Attribute to with a link to learn.creativecommons.org Creative Commons, ccLearn, the double C in a circle and the open Book in a circle are registered trademarks of Creative Commons in the United States and other countries. Third party marks and brands are the property of their respective holders.

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