Ryman Legacy Chapter 12B - Jailbreak

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The Ryman Legacy Chapter 12B By Mzyra Jailbreak

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“We’ve just received a breaking news report: two inmates of Simfield County Jail have escaped. We have been told to expect more details from the police, but for now it is suggested that all residents keep their doors and windows shut and locked and to keep an eye out for any individuals acting suspiciously. We are told that both escapees are male and at least one should be considered dangerous, armed or otherwise. It is uncertain whether the pair will have stayed together or separated, but please report anything you see that you feel may be significant to the police, either through the emergency services or through a hotline that is currently being set up and should be available shortly. We will keep you updated as we learn more…” ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Ring, ring. Ring, ring… “Come on Dad, pick up the phone…” Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Ring, ring… “Liv?” Mia called from the lounge, “Are you ready to start the party yet?” Ring, ring. “Not yet Mum!” Ring, ring… “Argh!”

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“Daddy won’t pick up the phone! I haven’t heard from him in ages either! What if he’s disappeared or something? Juan, can’t you get the police to find him? He might be hurt somewhere!” We can only hope, Juan thought wrily. “I’m sure there are plenty of people looking for him already Liv.” All the people we could spare. “But he’s gonna miss my birthday!” she pleaded. “I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about-” “Er, guys?” Lyle called from outside.

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“What is it Lyle?” Juan called back. “Er, it’s… it’s something you’ll probably all be interested to see! I think it’s a birthday present!” “Okay, okay, we’re coming…”

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“What the…?” “Yes! It’s from Daddy! He said he’d get me a car! He didn’t forget after all!” “There’s a note,” interjected Lyle. “To Liv – Happy Birthday, sorry I couldn’t be there, something urgent came up. Also afraid they didn’t make this model in pink, might be able to do something about that another time. Have a great day and best wishes to the family. Love, your father. Woah.” “Yay! I think I’m ready for the party now,” she said happily to her mother, who was staring open-mouthed. The family, once they got adjusted to the shock, headed inside, Juan glaring darkly at Rodney’s ‘gift’. ‘Best wishes to the family’, ha. That was definitely a jibe at him, the git.

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And with that surprise, Liv was finally ready to join her friends and siblings in teenagedom. She had already considered what she wanted out of life before, but she couldn’t help but think excitedly about her new car and when she’d next be able to see her father – she really wanted him to be happy and proud of her when he finally saw her again. Hopefully soon, she thought, smiling.

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“Awesome!” she declared when she saw her new figure, while everybody else cheered her on. “Hmm, this dress is nice, but it’s not nearly pink enough. Be right back!”

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She was barely gone two minutes before she ran back downstairs to not miss another moment of the party and her friends. She sought out Daisy in particular to have a good gossip and catch up for all the time they’d lost together since Daisy had moved schools. “-and of course she denied everything and gave Clark and Josh detention, but later me and Tommy totally saw her and Mr Wood kissing after school!” “Oh my gosh, no way! We thought he was into that dinnerlady with the red hair?” “I know, right?!”

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This was one of the best days ever! ~~~~~~~~~~

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Although Jose was getting more than enough experience at sneaking out of the house, he left a little before the end of Liv’s party to make things easier. It wasn’t really that he didn’t want to be there or that he wanted to be downtown, but he was still confused and more than a little annoyed at that vampire woman from before and he wanted answers. Liv wouldn’t notice whether he was around or not with all her friends there anyway.

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Of course, he had practically no idea where to look to find the woman, but he figured he should start out where he’d first met her – at least she was there some of the time.

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And it did indeed prove a lucky card shack. “Do you come here often then?” he asked sarcastically as she watched him walk in. “Not usually this frequently, but I had a sneaking suspicion that you might come looking for me and I felt I might as well make it easy for you to find me.” “Yeah, well, you were right.” “I usually am,” she smiled.

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“So you’re just going to sit here and play a game of cards like nothing ever happened?” “You don’t want to play this time? I can’t say that I blame you, I’ve been playing this game – or variations of it, anyway – for centuries, the probability of you winning-” “I could win. It’s mostly luck anyway.” “We’ll see about that…”

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A little while later… “Are you sure you don’t want me to get you anything? It is my custom that the winner buys drinks and I definitely won that game.” “No thanks. I’ve learnt a thing or two about taking drinks from strangers since we last met,” Jose responded sardonically. “Your choice…”

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“Why does everyone insist on treating me like a child? I want to make my own decisions, good or bad!” “And that may be all very well if it’s as simple as getting a bad haircut or something, but hanging around downtown in the middle of the night? Talking to vampires you’ve never met? Accepting drinks from strangers? Losing out on your education is bad enough for the effects it might have on your choices later, but those other things are dangerous!”

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“I turned out fine in the end, didn’t I?” “Only just! What if the bartender gave you alcohol, you had too much and got alcohol poisoning? What if that vampire had decided to drain you dry rather than just turn you? What if I’d had bad intentions? You could be dead now!” Jose rolled his eyes. “I’ve seen these things happen to people.” “Well yeah, maybe back then and over the course of hundreds of years, but nowadays-” “Bad things still happen, Jose.” “Look, my stepdad’s a policeman-” “And when was the last time you listened to him?

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“And if the world’s as safe as you think it is, why would we need policemen?” Jose floundered at this, but that just made him less reasonable. “What’s it to you anyway what I do? You’re don’t know me, you’re not my mum-” “And from what I hear you don’t listen to her either…” Jose glared at her. “Honestly? It’s not my problem. I came to find you before because we have to keep a check on all vampires lately and expel the bad or unwise ones. I became more curious and involved than I was supposed to be, but I’ll stop if you want.” “I do want. Leave me alone.”

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“Fine,” she said serenely. “But if you continue to fight the people who care about you, eventually they’ll stop trying and, in some cases, stop caring too. You might want to bear that in mind.” “Fine, whatever. I’m leaving.” “Good. Go home and be a teenager while you can.”

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Tina watched him as he left, a frown on her face. She shook her head, she had to stop caring. And he didn’t want her to anyway…

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Stupid centuries-old vampires think they know everything, thought Jose sulkily as he wandered the streets. What did they know about being young nowadays? Heck, after living that long they’d probably forgotten what it was like to be young at any point. Adults always dismissed their problems like they were nothing… And as if there was anything at all dangerous about Simfield of all places- Jose was pulled out of his train of thoughts by an odd smell-

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“… Oh my god…”

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Jose had never noticed the building before, but the blaze running through it was too big to ignore: already the roof and some of the walls had collapsed – how long had it been burning for? Were there people inside? Had nobody called the fire service?! It was only after taking in the devastation of the building that Jose noticed the men – and by then it was too late.

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They’d noticed him too and were advancing. Jose wanted to scream or run as fast as his legs would carry him, but no sound would come out and his legs wouldn’t budge out of terror. He certainly didn’t notice the odd way one of them was looking at him. Oh god, he’d seen to much and they were going to kill him – oh god, oh god, oh god!

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Suddenly there was a puff of blue smoke as a bat transformed into a full-grown vampire, complete with fangs. “Back off,” she growled threateningly. The man in front took half a step forward, but the second man grabbed his arm before something started. He shook his head at the first man and inclined it towards the other end of the street. The two men looked at each other for a couple of seconds. Jose didn’t dare to so much as breathe.

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Then they took off at a run and Jose could breathe again. “Oh my god,” he whispered breathlessly. Tina stared after them speculatively. “Hmmm…”

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“Are you okay, Jose?” “I think I’m having a heart attack!” “You won’t be,” she said pensively. “Do you- Do you reckon they would have, you know, like… killed me?” “They’ve already killed eight people tonight, it’s a possibility.” “Oh my god…!” Jose thought he was going to be sick.

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“Did you know who those men were, Jose?” “Er no, I don’t think so. Why? Should I? Do you know who they were?” “No, it’s just that…” she shook her head, she wasn’t sure but something seemed odd. “But they know who I am now, right? They’ve seen me and they know I saw them…” “But you don’t know who they are. If all you can tell the police is that two men burned down the building, it wouldn’t exactly be worth them coming out to silence you. Or me.” “But do they know that’s all we know? What if they decide to risk it?”

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“Hm. I think it’s unlikely, but we ought to get away from here anyway. And to get you home.” “I- I don’t think I can walk that far,” Jose had begun shivering and shaking, and somehow cold, even though the night was warm. “That’ll be the shock starting to wear off. Come on, I live nearby, we’ll go back there first. I can call the police and fire brigade while you calm back down.” “Okay,” he agreed and they began the short walk. “You know, you don’t seem to be very affected by this…” “I’ve seen a lot worse.” ~~~~~~~~~~

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A few blocks away, the men had stopped running.

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“Ah man, this is your house? I know you said you had a place, but this is lush. How can you afford a place like this?” “Being a criminal can be a lot more lucrative than an ordinary job – if you’re good at it.” “Clearly I went into the wrong line of work… And how good can you be if you were caught so easily?” “There’s a first time for everything,” Rodney replied irritably. “Especially when somebody targets you specifically.” “Outsmarted by a zombie…” Seth laughed. It had only been a few days and he was already starting to get on Rodney’s nerves.

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He slumped down on to the sofa to recollect his thoughts. What they had just done was seriously dangerous and Rodney didn’t really understand why it was necessary- “Argh, that stupid ninja thing’s given me hat hair… There must be a better disguise than those things.” You’ve just killed a building full of people and you’re concerned about the state of your hair?! But Rodney was almost completely capable of never unwillingly betraying his thoughts outwardly after years of practice. It was a useful skill, especially when dealing with people who you aren’t entirely confident are sane. Still, in a quid pro quo agreement… He pulled his own hair out of the ponytail and ran his hand through it, thinking.

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“Right. Okay,” Seth returned to the conversation, hair spiked perfectly into his normal style. “Nice as your house is, it is your house, are we seriously safe here? I’m not going back to jail again. Won’t there be loads of people who’ll know and be able to tell the police? Or even the telephone directory?” “No. While this is my house, it… won’t appear as such. I didn’t actually buy it. It was a… gift.” Seth raised his eyebrows. “A gift from somebody who really didn’t want his wife finding out about his affair,” he explained. “The house still appears in his name. He even threw in the car too.” Rodney felt a certain level of satisfaction at how impressed Seth seemed by this. “As for people knowing… I have had my daughter over, but I picked her up from school and, to be honest, I don’t think she can tell left from right.”

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“Well, okay,” Seth conceded begrudgingly. “But what about that kid and the vampire who saw us? They’re going to run straight to the police! We could have dealt with them!” “And what will they tell them? Two people, both male and they may have noticed the skin tones on our hands, but that hardly narrows it down, besides the fact that we’re already wanted criminals, so we’ll be suspected regardless. And they can’t have gotten much more than that or the kid would have recognised me.” “Huh? You knew him?” “Well I haven’t seen him since he was a child, but that must have been Mia’s son with Landry.”

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Seth frowned for a second before remembering and laughing, “Oh yeah! I should have recognised the nose… Still, it’s partly thanks to me he exists in the first place, it wouldn’t have hurt-” “You can’t solve everything with murder, Seth.” Rodney said sternly. “Tch, just because you’ve never killed anyone before…” “I still haven’t killed anyone-” “Ha, tell it to the judge; the least you are is an accessory-” “On that subject,” he interjected strongly, “are we done with your side of the bargain now?”

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“My ‘side of the bargain’?” Seth laughed, “Do you have any idea of what we just did?” “Annoyingly, yes,” Rodney muttered. “Not that we killed, who we killed! The simmers are dead! We’re free!” Rodney sighed, “Here we go again…” “Why won’t anyone believe me?!” “Because it sounds insane and you’ve killed at least twelve people now?” Seth’s eyes narrowed threateningly. “Fine,” Rodney sighed, “explain it again…”

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“We’re all part of a ‘legacy’ thing that started with my grandfather Birch and gets passed down each generation, so it went to my aunt Nicola and then Mia – though it blatantly should have gone to my mother and then me – and it’s all written like a story by some girl called Mzyra – I think she was the blonde one in the middle of the fire who died last – and put on the internet for her friends to read.” “Right. And this belief caused you to commit multiple acts of homicide because..?” “Like I said, I should have been heir. They all get to be like internet celebrities and they’re not enough good enough for it!” “But you’re not after the Rymans now?”

Slide 38: 

“No! Now that our simmer and all her readers are dead, there’s nobody left to write these stories or even to read them! Which means that there is no legacy and nobody’s a celebrity! We’re all on an even playing field and can live our lives how we want! It’s like, when there’s no god everyone just has their own free will.” “Hmm… Out of interest, did they ever carry out a psychological assessment on you while you were in jail?” “No, I think they were worried they might have to transfer me somewhere nicer with less security… But I’m telling you it’s true!”

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“Okay,” Rodney said thoughtfully. “Let’s say that all of that is true. That we’ve got some girl who’s like a god or whatever to us. Are you suggesting that we just killed god? That it was just that easy? And even if we did succeed in killing her, shouldn’t time have stopped or the universe ended altogether if we’re just a construct of her will?” “… Hang on, you’ve lost me somewhere.” Rodney rubbed his right temple, frustrated. Why was he even bothering to argue? “Never mind, it doesn’t matter.”

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“Well whatever. So yeah, I’ve done everything I needed to. Well, except the fact that I’m a wanted criminal. I’d quite like to be able to become an actor here, but it’s not exactly possible to do that without getting arrested as soon as anybody notices me.” “Hmm. Well, I’ve got the beginnings of my own plan that, if it works out, may solve that problem as well as getting me what I want.” “Does your plan involve more murder?” Rodney gave him a suspicious stare, “Not if it works out, no…” “That’s not a real plan then,” Seth dismissed with a roll of his eyes. “I’d leave that judgement until you see it play out. Now I need to do some research…”

Slide 41: 

Rodney sat down to his computer and pulled up the internet. It would take a lot of exact planning and research to make sure that nothing would go wrong this time, but- He turned to where Seth was stood watching him. “Can I help you?” “What am I supposed to do here?” “I don’t know! Go… watch TV or something! And leave me alone…” he added in a mutter, turning back to the computer. Hopefully this wouldn’t last long, he thought irritably. ~~~~~~~~~~

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On the outskirts of town…

Slide 43: 

Jose stared at the wall in front of him. “Yes, it was about half way along North Street… I believe there were people inside, but by the point we saw it the fire had been burning a while… Yes, we saw two men outside dressed in black with their faces covered – we didn’t see the fire being set, but it was almost certainly them… One seemed to have light skin and the other dark, but there was little else we could tell. They ran roughly South East, but we couldn’t follow… Okay, thank you.”

Slide 44: 

“Jose? Are you okay?” “No. No, not really. I-” a small frown appeared on his forehead. “I don’t know your name.” “It’s Tina,” she said gently. “Tina Smith. I’m technically a Contessa, but that’s just a vampire title.” “Oh. Right. Okay. Well Tina, I’ve just seen two men burn down a building with people inside. I don’t know why, but I can’t imagine there’s a good enough reason.” “Bad things happen. Here, I’ll get you something to make you feel better…”

Slide 45: 

The hot chocolate was nice, but it didn’t stop Jose staring in trauma. “So has there seriously never been anything bad happen in your family?” He frowned a little again. “My mum had a cousin who killed her parents and mine and my brother’s dads. That’s why they’re zombies.” “Then… weren’t you aware of this kind of thing already?” “But… it’s like history. You never really think about it. Things have always happened, but… it’s like once you’re born they aren’t meant to anymore. Like the world’s meant to have gotten better and moved on.”

Slide 46: 

“I guess it would be traumatic to see something like that for the first time.” “It is. How are you supposed to go around normally when you know there are people like that doing things like that out there somewhere?” “By remembering the fact that it’s not normal or usual. There are always bad people, but I believe they are generally outweighed by the good, or at least relatively neutral.” They sat in silence for a little while thinking. “…I could have died…” “It may not be the best thing to point out, but anybody could die at any moment, even if you aren’t aware of the threat.”

Slide 47: 

“But there’s so much I still want to do!” “Really? I thought you’d given up on things…” “Well yeah, things kind of seem to suck now, but I want a family and friends and fun and… I really don’t want to be stabbed to death on a sidewalk or something.” The warm sugary drink had started to hit home. “Do you think we’d be safe to sit outside? It suddenly feels really hot in here…” “I’m pretty certain we’ll be fine in my front garden, yes,” Tina said, trying to avoid teasing him. He was so young…

Slide 48: 

“So… what do you think you’ve learned from that then Jose? You might as well take something useful from it…” Tina saw an opportunity to get through to the teenager and she was definitely taking it. “Life is short, enjoy yourself now?” “Yeees,” she said hesitantly, “you probably would benefit from spending less time brooding on all the bad things, but I was thinking more… Let’s say about your family.” “My family?” This is like a very delicate game of chess, Tina thought. “Well, thinking about if something had happened…”

Slide 49: 

“I… I would… It would suck,” he finished lamely. “If it’s possible to think after you’re dead… I wouldn’t want to never see them again. They’re my family.” Not quite the words I wanted to hear, Tina thought, but they’ll do for now. Maybe he’ll appreciate them more now. “Yeah,” Jose continued thoughtfully, “who cares what the kids at school think when… that could have happened.” “Although I’ve never been there myself, I understand that the importance of high school – or the social aspect at least – is highly over-rated.”

Slide 50: 

They sat in silence for a while, listening to the little water fountain running. “I really like your house by the way. I never would have thought you’d get so much garden in the city.” “When it was built, back in my day, Simfield wasn’t a city at all. This was the suburbs.” “Wow. No offence, but it looks a lot more modern than the dress you wear.” “This dress? Ha, this dress pre-dates me – it’s grand vampire uniform. Very big on traditions, vampires are. And the house has been renovated more than once.”

Slide 51: 

“I guess you think I’m really young, huh?” “Erm, it’s not so much a case of thinking that…” she said with a slight smile. “But I think,” Jose continued, thinking hard, “the longer you have the less you do. It’s like with homework – if you have a week you’ll probably spend most of that time doing nothing. If you have an hour then you’ll do loads, even if you don’t finish. Knowing how little time you have makes you cram stuff into it. You could sit around for a hundred years and not do anything because you know there’s another hundred years after that, but if you probably won’t even live one century…” “What are you saying?” she asked suspiciously.

Slide 52: 

“Well, when was the last time you did something like- Like lying on the grass and looking at the stars!” he said, getting up and doing just that. “I completely forgot how amazing it was until I woke up on our front garden the other day. You know, thanks to somebody,” he joked. “Come on, give it a try!” “I think the chocolate’s affected you too much,” Tina laughed. “Do you know how long it’d take to get grass stains out of this dress?” “No, but it’s not like you don’t have the time!” he teased back. “It is a beautiful night,” she said thoughtfully.

Slide 53: 

They sat (or laid) out for some time longer, but eventually Tina got up. “Come on, Jose, you’ll have to go – it’s been hours since we arrived back here, never mind since you left your house. Your parents will be worried.” “Fiiine… spoilsport,” he added with a smile. “There are plenty more nights where you can stare at the stars without stressing your parents.” “If you say so.”

Slide 54: 

“But I can come back again, can’t I?” he asked eagerly. “Do you want to? I vaguely recall being told to leave you alone earlier…” “Oh, don’t bring that up again! You’re- you’re my friend! And… you saved my life.” “Let’s try to make sure I don’t have to again, shall we?” “Yeah, yeah… But thank you. You could have left me alone to… well, you know.” “Just because my heart has stopped beating doesn’t mean it’s stopped working in the emotional sense,” she said softly. “I know,” he nodded sincerely. “I guess I’d better go though…”

Slide 55: 

“You better had,” she agreed. But Jose continued to stand there looking awkward for a few seconds before she realised what he wanted. “Oh, Jose,” she said with a laugh as she gave him a hug goodbye. “Thank you,” he said again, quietly. “Any time.” ~~~~~~~~~~

Slide 56: 

“A fire started on North Street tonight has left eight people dead. The victims have yet to be identified, but it is believed that the fire was started intentionally. Witnesses claim to have seen two masked men, dressed entirely in black, standing at the scene before running South East. Police ask anybody who believes they may have useful information to please contact them immediately. The men involved are considered very dangerous and should be stopped as soon as possible. We go over to Keith for more details…” ~~~~~~~~~~

Slide 57: 

Jose had prepared himself for this in advance, and as such was trying to zone out on his mother’s ranting. Which probably wasn’t helping. “-waiting for you to come back, not having any idea when, then we turn on the news and hear that eight people have been killed downtown! Do you have the slightest idea of how worried we’ve been?!” “I was just hanging out with a friend.” “A friend?! A real friend wouldn’t ask or need you to be out in the middle of the night, especially in such dangerous times!”

Slide 58: 

Mia paced up and down in frustration. “I mean, what if you’d been inside that building that burned down? What if – heaven forbid – you’d come face-to-face with those men-?” “I did.” That stopped Mia in her tracks. “I was one of the witnesses they talk about. The men were stood a few feet from me. My friend stepped in and saved my life.” He was failing to keep the annoyance out of his voice. Mia gaped at him for about half a minute. “Well you were extremely lucky and you should never put yourself in so much risk ever again! And as for your ‘friend’ – they wouldn’t have needed to save your life if you’d been at home in bed!”

Slide 59: 

“Your mother definitely has a point there Jose,” Juan interjected. “You may feel like Simfield is a safe place, but every town and city has a negative contingent and so do we, especially right now with the escaped prisoners. You have to think of your own safety first and foremost. You’re a lot safer at home.” Jose didn’t say anything, particularly because he knew Juan was right really – he only tended to say things when he was going to be right anyway. Jose respected that; it made Juan easier to pay attention to, but he wasn’t going to admit it at the moment.

Slide 60: 

“Now I realise that we’ve grounded you before – and you’ve completely ignored it,” she gave him a dark look as she continued to pace, “but this is the last straw, Jose. You’re not leaving the house after dark without at least one of us.” “What?! You can’t do that!” “I am your mother and you’re still a teenager, young man, I can do whatever I feel is necessary!” “But my friend-!”

Slide 61: 

“If you have to socialise so badly, you’ll have to do it during daylight hours.” “But- But we can’t! She’s a vampire, she can’t come out in the day! I’ll never get to see her!”

Slide 62: 

“Vampires? You’re still on that? Are we lucky you didn’t come home grey again, trying to get out of school? Well I’m hardly going to bend the rules so that you can hang around with undead bad influences who almost get you killed!”

Slide 63: 

“Just because she’s a vampire, it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person! For your information, she was the one who turned me back in the first place! She doesn’t want me out of school or in danger any more than you do! If she hadn’t made me come home I’d probably still be at her house now! And I’d be happier!” He got up to storm out. “Oh, and if I can remind you, it’s pretty hypocritical to criticise somebody for hanging out with the undead when you’re married to a zombie! No offence, Juan,” he added darkly as he left.

Slide 64: 

And he couldn’t resist slamming the door and stomping up the stairs as he went to bed, too. Adults were such hypocrites all the freaking time…

Slide 65: 

All of Mia’s anger dissolved after Jose slammed the door and her eyes welled up with tears. “Come here, Mia,” Juan said softly as he pulled her into a comforting embrace. “He probably hates me,” she said softly. “But I was just so worried…”

Slide 66: 

“I know. But one day, at least when he has children, he’ll understand why.” “I hope so.” “And I’m sure he doesn’t hate you. He may be angry, but you’re still his mother and I think, deep down, he appreciates that.” “I really hope you’re right.” ~~~~~~~~~~

Slide 67: 

Mia had rebuilt her tough resolve for the next morning and made sure that the kids got on the bus to school. Jose didn’t say anything to her before leaving, but she did catch him looking at her – and not in an angry way – at one point, so she hoped that maybe that was a sign that Juan was right.

Slide 68: 

And then the day passed quickly to the evening… “But he’s really popular with all the kids at school-” “Maybe if you only judge him by all his PR, but he doesn’t write any of his own songs, half of them sound the same and according to industry insiders, he’s a real pre-madonna and a jerk. Just because a bunch of thirteen year olds think he’s cool-” “Um, okay, to be honest, I think it’s mostly cause all the girls fancy him and the guys wish all the girls would fancy them.” “Why would any girl fancy him? Look – he’s dressed like a pimp and he’s a jerk!”

Slide 69: 

Lyle and Liv’s in-depth discussion as to how thirteen year old girls could fancy entirely inappropriate men was – somewhat luckily – interrupted by their mother. “Hey kids, have either of you seen your brother? I locked the door at sunset and it hasn’t been unlocked, but he’s not in his room and he’s not down here…” Lyle and Liv looked at each other and shrugged. “Don’t know mum. Sorry.” “Well… When did he come home?”

Slide 70: 

“He wasn’t on the one o’clock bus,” Liv said, eyes still on the TV. “I figured he had detention or something.” “He wasn’t on the late bus either. I assumed he didn’t have detention for once, normally when he does he comes for the end of our club meeting.” “So he didn’t come home with either of you?” “Er, no… Sorry Mum.” ~~~~~~~~~~

Slide 71: 

“Hi Tina! Not too early, am I?” “No, the Sun has set, but I didn’t expect to see you back quite so soon…” “Oh. Yeah. About that… I’ve kinda… run away from home.”

Slide 72: 

Tina took a deep breath and massaged her right temple. She could feel a big headache coming on for this. ~~~~~End of 12B~~~~~

Slide 73: 

Meanwhile… “Er, hi guys! … Why are you all looking a me like that?” Amy: “You let them kill us.” “Er, well, yeah…” “We are so setting up a simselves’ union.” “Ooh, can I join?” “You’re kind of the boss in this universe, so, no, not really.” “Ah, lame.”

Slide 74: 

“You’re avoiding the point; why are we all dead? Simselves aren’t meant to die.” “Yeeeah, about that… It was a sacrifice we had to make! Seth had to believe that the legacy was no longer going or he might have gone after Mia, Lyle, Jose and Liv!” “Couldn’t we have just pretended?” asked Beth. “We could have done, but how long would it have been before he spotted one of us walking down the street and realised the legacy’s fine? It had to be done properly! And if some people hadn’t told him about the legacy in the first place…”

Slide 75: 

“Er, interruption?” asked Jaii. “What are these annoying things spinning around our heads?” “Hm? Oh, right. Real-Me couldn’t find CC halos, so she had to settle for these things that are based on something from like World of Warcraft or something. It was these or bunny ears and she thought this was less… weird. She might try to find us something else if these don’t work.” “Also, who are those guys?” asked Chemic.

Slide 76: 

“Hm? Oh, right, yeah. They’re my SimMum and SimSister. They’ve never actually read my legacy but I needed more simselves to fill that scene and RealMe figured they probably would read the legacy if she asked them to.” “That’s kind of sad.” “Massive popularity: I don’t have it.”

Slide 77: 

“Back on topic,” Amy (the new head of the deceased department of the simselves union) stressed, “isn’t letting us all die a little short-sighted?” “How do you mean?” “I mean, you’ve now got two villains running riot in your neighbourhood and we aren’t there to intervene. What if they go too far?” “Erm, I don’t think they’ll do anything too bad,” Mzyra said thoughtfully, “but even if they did, there are still simselves left; only the ones Rodney and Seth had ever seen had to die, so Jo, Katri and Esme are still there and I can call them if needs be.”

Slide 78: 

“Three against two? That’s not a lot.” “Maybe not… I might tell them to go on a recruiting drive. The union needs all the members it can get!” “You’re not in the union! And speaking of which, we’re still not happy.” “Oh. Well, this is the afterlife and RealMe doesn’t have to panic over realism in making things appear here, so she can give us anything we want. And all the dead members of the legacy are here. Of course Terry’s not here anymore, but there’s Sean - and who doesn’t love Sean?” The SU went to huddle in a corner and discuss their demands.

Slide 79: 

Ah well, Mzyra thought internally as she breathed the fragrant afterlife air happily. At least everything’s worked out as planned. ~~~~~End of 12B~~~~~

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