7 facts on knives and 3 tips for buying switchblade knives

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Switchblade knives have been around for well over a hundred years if not more. But the secret to their growing popularity lies somewhere else. Explore at http://myswitchbladeusa.blogspot.com/2018/07/7-facts-on-knives-and-3-tips-for-buying.html


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www.myswitchblade.com 7 facts on knives and 3 tips for buying switchblade knives If we leaf through the pages of history we can easily find out Switchblade knives have been around for well over a hundred years if not more. But the reason for their perpetual fame is nothing fancy but their various utilities and the simplicity of their usage. In their hey-days they became very popular with Law enforcement Military Personnel Emergency Medical Technicians and a number of other professions such as Fisherman. As a matter of fact these knives had been heavily used by the fishermen especially because they are a great tool to tend the net from snags which eventually minimize the chances for damage. But that ’s not all. There are still a number of interesting facts about these knives that this post will help you with. So read on as I will be telling you about seven interesting trivia about the switchblade knife along with three tips that will help you buy the perfect item. So let ’s get started.

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www.myswitchblade.com Let ’s look at some interesting trivia about the knives first.  Some people also refer to these knives as pocket knives. And as the name suggests it easily fits in your pocket as well as folds into its handle. Some knives have got their very name because of the fact. Just like the Stilettos. The term Stiletto refers to a pointed knife with minimal uses for cutting.  Although you can sometimes find a bit bigger ones that can serve a wide variety of purposes such as wood carving cutting of fruits and vegetables hunting and so on.  According to history the existence of these knives dates back to as far as 600-500BC. But it is very rare to find such an old one. In those days people used the fixed blades. As time flew by it was against the law to carry a fixed blade knife with you.  In the recent years the Switchblades have started to take off. Moreover carrying it has now become very easy and no one would know if you have one in your pocket or not. So it started to make its way into our lives.  The existence of the automatic ones dates back around 15 century. It has a switch on them and thus came its name. One press on the button and its ready for use. But one needs to be careful while putting it back into the handle.  Most of these knives come with a lock back system. One of the drawbacks of these knives is that you can only have one blade.

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www.myswitchblade.com To have more blades would be too many mechanisms on one knife and its better to opt for a Swiss knife  Pocket knives dont have any legal issues. They are all right to own in all most every country nowadays. However they are restricted in airports schools and court houses. And also in some places you must have a license to have them. Most of the time knives are only used as tools and not weapons. But that doesnt mean that they cant be So you need to take extra caution when posses them.  If you are looking to buy one you will need to keep the following tips in mind. These suggestions will help you make the best choice.  1. If you are buying them from online stores its better not to stick to a single one. We all know that the internet is endless and thus you must invest your time before investing your money. Always remember all that glitters is not always GOLD Hence doing the proper research is essential.  2. Check for the availability of options. If you are not happy with the stock let go that site even if they offer you attractive prices.  3. Check for the quality and the reliability of the products. It is more than important because you need performance out of it You will not want it to go blunt within a few months. The best way in this case is to gather testimonials and check for reviews.

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www.myswitchblade.com Finally With this peek at the facts and understanding about what to look for while buying I believe now you can start with your search to find the perfect switchblade knife. Also do keep in mind to tally the prices to find the best product for the best price. Plus there are some websites who offer customized switchblade knife that you will love. If you are reading this last line that means you found some value in it. So I would request you to keep following this space for more related updates and also share this with your social peers. In the update we ’ll be discussing about the various types of switchblades and their makers. So stay tuned for more stories.

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