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I want to invite all my friends to a BARBECUE I’m having at my new home (I warn you it’ll be something simple everyone please bring something)

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LOCATION: PACIFIC OCEAN guest house my little home

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island where we’ll have barbecue. it was made at last minute. (there wasn’t much room next to the guest houses, please understand) special place in the sand for party

Slide 4: 

home sweet home. how nice it is to have a place that’s only yours.

Slide 5: 

guest house layout hope you like it...

Slide 7: 

fruits and champagne for the evening, is that okay???

Slide 8: 

if you happen to have bad reception on tv the satelite control is behind tub..

Slide 9: 

if the bed isn’t comfortable there are nets on the island.

Slide 10: 

masages for after the party...

Slide 11: 

the lighting was improvised didn’t have time to define it.

Slide 14: 

fishing equipment will be found under the bed.

Slide 16: 

please confirm your attendance with time in advance.

Slide 17: 

do not worry about transportation. a yacht i’ve rented will be at our use.

Slide 19: 

only we have to catch a bus to get to the port…

Slide 22: 

bus accomodations…

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