5 Reasons To Recruit Online Volunteers

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There are many reasons why organizations or initiatives involve online volunteers, and they are pretty much the same reasons organizations involve onsite volunteers. Here are but 5 Reasons To Recruit Online Volunteers:


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5 Reasons :

5 Reasons To Recruit Online Volunteers

1. Volunteering Anytime Anywhere:

1. Volunteering Anytime Anywhere 0 2 Virtual volunteering can remove some time and physical barriers for both current and new volunteers. While the time required for volunteering online is real, not virtual, volunteers can provide a service, ask questions, or provide feedback at whatever time is convenient for them, outside of a few required live meetings with staff or other volunteers .

2. Increase Your Capabilities:

2. Increase Your Capabilities 0 3 Some or most of your organization’s mission may be best served by online volunteers, especially if your organization’s membership is dispersed across a region or a country, or even around the world. 

3. Save the Environment:

3. Save the Environment 0 4 Online volunteers can be environmentally friendly. Online volunteers create no car exhaust, do not require a parking space, and do not need the organization to provide them with a desk or chair. And people are not buying new, additional technology just to volunteer online; they are using technology for a variety of other tasks .

4. Reach a Younger Generation:

4. Reach a Younger Generation 0 5 The Internet offers a proven tool for recruiting younger volunteers, a difficulty many organizations face. We have noted earlier that online volunteers may represent a variety of populations .

5. Expand Your Reach:

5. Expand Your Reach 0 6 An organization that embraces virtual volunteering gives volunteers new ways of supporting causes they feel passionate about. This can lead both to expanding the involvement of onsite volunteers and to involving new volunteers altogether.



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