My Memories of World War II

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A narrated presentation by Dallas Jones CWO3 ret about his experiences in WWII including his recollections as a Pearl Harbor Survivor


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My Memories of World War II : 

My Memories of World War II Presented by: Dallas H. Jones CWO3 US Navy (ret) Photos courtesy of Dallas Jones;; National Archives; National Park Service; Naval Historical Center;; U of HI David Trojan, Aviation Historian

About me…… : 

About me…… Dallas Jones Born in March 1923 in Duplin County, NC Moved to rural Halifax County, NC. My father was a tenant farmer. I am one of thirteen children. Having food for everyone was a concern. In 1940, I changed the dates in the family Bible and joined the Navy. I told them I wanted to join for 20 years but they laughed.

Paradise Found : 

Paradise Found Schofield Barracks

Slide 4: 

PBY Catalina’s fly over NAS Kaneohe Bay during commissioning ceremony July 1941

Slide 5: 

PBY Catalinas in formation flight

Slide 6: 

PBY Catalina on the ramp at NAS Kaneohe Bay

Slide 7: 

NAS Kaneohe Bay on 1 October 1941 Note 37 PBY aircraft on the ramp, VP-11 was in hangar # 1. Hangar #1

Slide 9: 

VP-11 Navigator

Slide 10: 

Refueling a PBY-5 at NAS Kaneohe Each engine burned about 42 gal. of gasoline per hour

Slide 11: 

VP-11 PBY Catalina 11-P-4 undergoing maintenance Disposition of VP-11 PBY planes before the attack: Two planes in the hanger Four planes at south end of the hanger Six planes on the ramp

Slide 13: 

Japanese strike photo of NAS Kaneohe after the first attack wave. Planes in the water and on the ramp are hit first Hangar #1

Slide 14: 

Paradise Lost…

Slide 15: 

Sailor runs past flaming wreckage hit by horizontal bombers at NAS Kaneohe Bay

Slide 16: 

PBY-5 seaplanes burn out of control on the tarmac at Kaneohe Naval Air Station

Slide 17: 

Sailors moving a damaged PBY near Hanger #1

Slide 18: 

Attempting to save a burning PBY during the Japanese raid.

Slide 19: 

Retrieving guns from a burning PBY

Slide 21: 

Wrecked autos and Hanger #1 at NAS Kaneohe Bay

1935 Ford : 

1935 Ford

Slide 23: 

VP-11’s Hangar, just after the Japanese raid

Slide 24: 

After the Japanese raid - December 8, 1941

Slide 25: 

Sailors man machine guns salvaged from PBYs

Slide 26: 

One lucky PBY – most were not so fortunate at Kaneohe Bay

Slide 27: 

Salvaging a PBY-5, 11-P-7, on the ramp at NAS Kaneohe Bay, 8 December 1941. Note wing fabric burned off and detached pontoon.

Slide 28: 

Northwest view of the hangar area at NAS Kaneohe Bay, showing damage by Japanese bombing attack

Slide 29: 

Counting Our Losses 7 People from VP-11 killed 20 wounded -3 seriously All but 1 of VP-11’s 12 planes destroyed Hangar badly damaged.

After December 7th : 

After December 7th

Norden Bombsight : 

Norden Bombsight

Royal Hawaiian Hotel : 

Royal Hawaiian Hotel

/ : 


USS Curtiss (AV-4) : 

USS Curtiss (AV-4)

PBY on water : 

PBY on water

German Destroyer : 

German Destroyer

Chincoteague, Virginia : 

Chincoteague, Virginia

End of the War ! : 

End of the War !

Naval Recruiting Station, Raleigh, NC . : 

Naval Recruiting Station, Raleigh, NC .

Ordnance : 


CWO-3 Dallas Jones 1960 : 

CWO-3 Dallas Jones 1960

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