Top Web Design Trends to Follow 2017 – What’s in and what’s Not?


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Latest web design trends to follow in 2017 to design award winning websites: Typography, minimal design, Long scrolling, Mobile friendly design, Animations.


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Design Trends – What’s in and What’s Not Want to rise to the occasion? To keep up with this dynamic panorama, we have hand-picked the 2017 a la mode designs and lay them out for you right here : Remember the web in the old days? We had simple static pages, no attention to visuals and design, and just text. Now, just as we don’t live in caves anymore, those websites don’t exist anymore . Every website’s success is owed to its design. Engaging viewers is a direct result of designs. The trends keep changing and the expectations keep rising.

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Bigger is Better Go big on the homepage. Bold and stand out typographies are turning out to be the success story of website homepages.

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Going Deeper and Darker Gone are the days of bright and colourful designs on a white background. Now, designers are picking deeper hues and complimenting them with shades of textures and patterns. However, the blacks and greys are gaining momentum, slowly but surely.

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Bid Adieu to Standard Images We can now speak visually, through our images that are created to infuse a fun element into the website . The new age illustrations also go a long way to match your own unique brand identity, which stands out in the online marketplace.

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New Design to Underline Texts and images are now overlapping each other. Grabbing attention: One such way is to underline texts with a colour different from the font. Another way is to merge texts with visuals. .

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Animation is In Having fun with designs creates endless possibilities and the sky is the limit Yes, this trend is growing and is unstoppable . Animated visuals now turned into a basic requirement as opposed to the added feature that it used to be before. .

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Drop Shadows Rise The potential is limitless when experimenting with drop shadows. Yes. The drop shadow effect has been around for ages. Some design elements with its unique variations, the drop shadow design element is here to stay. Just a small technique, but it goes a mile with its effect. .

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Disorder Creates Order Design styling - This is just what we mean, but in the web world. Broken images, texts that overlap with each other, asymmetrical structuring, unconventional layouts, images and texts with blurred boundaries.

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Scroll Away The most innovative way to cut down on tedious navigation – welcome the long scroll! It’s simple, it’s innovative and it makes for a better looking website.

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Mobiles Come First The larger screens are now lower on the priority list. You can be sure that the most views of the website will be on the smaller screens Considering the 1.2 billion plus mobile device users across the globe The trend of 2017 has evolved to accommodate to the increased need for web designs to function efficiently across multiple devices.

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Play with Cards Designers are moving away from the mundane page phenomena to the Cards strategy. Cards work as rectangular boxes that either carries an image, or text, which leads up to further information.

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Interaction is Key Micro interaction strategy - This tool is a subtle way to keep the viewer engaged. Micro-interaction examples include dimming the brightness, adjusting the volume, closing certain sections of a website, reducing and enlarging content sections provide higher user satisfaction.

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Opt for Videos A good image is useful, but a video is incomparable. A high quality video is a sure shot tool to convert viewer glances to long attention spans.

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No More Monotones Use two tone strategy for websites to make simply more attractive. Kaleidoscope gradient is gaining momentum, a fresh look with a contemporary feel is exactly what the dual tonality offers

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Cutting the Clutter A straight forward website with minimal visuals, colour variations, and added features works like a charm. Just give the message up front and clear and let that speak for you. Basically, it offers you the bare necessities and nothing more.

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Merging the Horizontal with the Vertical The message is clear. We’re going different, whether you like it or not. A mix and match of horizontal and vertical texts is a tried and tested method to grip viewers . Use it imaginatively and you’re all set. Not only does it stand out, but it stands out in style.

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