What to do with an RV air conditioner in freezing winter seasons

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What to do with an RV air conditioner in freezing winter seasons With the advancement in technology RV air conditioners are considered one of the best and valuable inventions in the modern world. These air conditioners not only provide the peace on hot days but also keep away people from overwhelming heat. However RV air conditioners need some maintenance for the use of long-lasting time. RV air conditioners are used all over the world. However Countries like America Canada receives heavy snowfall in December. Therefore it is essential for RV air conditioners users to take some steps to take care of this in winter seasons. Let us discuss how to take care of RV air conditioner in freezing winter seasons. Water Drainage In cold weather conditions water gets frozen that results in the blockage and busting of pipes that effect on the free flow of water. However in case you are not using the RV during winter you must drain out all water from pipes by using low point drain. An air compressor can be used to remove out water from pipes. Removing of water from RV is one of the significant steps to take while using RV air conditioners in a winter season. Use of Antifreeze in RV • Practicing of Antifreeze in RV air conditioners helps to prevent water from icing. It changes the freezing point of water normally up to 50 degrees. You should use Non- toxic RV antifreeze so that it should not cause any harm to living beings. The Antifreeze should be used according to the need for RV. In case you are using Antifreeze for complete winterize RV air conditioners there is need to follow some steps that are stated below • In the very first step you need to devour the water heater that depends on the size of water heater. • While heating up antifreeze make sure to switch off the heater. Clearing the tanks

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• Detach all water supplies from home and dump the waste tanks. Then next use the system blank tank flushing system and flushing wand rinse to clean the tanks. • Furthermore just remove the freshwater and hot water tanks and then bypass water heater by taking guidelines from the bypass kit. • You should not remove the water when it is hot as this can cause damage to RV air conditioner or your health. Clearing of pipes • Firstly remove all water filters from the way. Then open all taps and flush out the toilet to remove water from pipes. • Now open the cold as well as hot water low point drains to remove water. • After cleaning close all the taps and displace all plugs. • Then finally after following these steps you can use inlet tubing or water pump converter kit for the use of Non-toxic Antifreeze to pressurize the system and protect the RV air conditioners being damaged in the winter season. • However you can also use an alternative method Blow out lines for clearing the water pipes. You need to attach blow out a plug to the normal water tap and then apply air pressure by using an air compressor to remove the remaining water.

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