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Response to Intervention: For the good of all:

Response to Intervention: For the good of all By Marybel Velasco Velasco

What is RTI?:

What is RTI? Response to intervention (RTI) is an approach to academic intervention that utilizes evidence-based interventions and progress monitoring in order to help students succeed in the classroom. Core curriculum and interventions are provided to ALL students based on their needs utilizing a 3-Tiered hierarchal approach. Eliminates the “ waiting to fail ” model.

Evidence-based interventions:

Evidence-based interventions Evidence -based refers to interventions that are supported with scientific findings and have been proven to be effective. For students, this is a wonderful thing because it means that the intervention that they will be receiving has been proven to be helpful and that student will more than likely find success in their area of need. For administrators and staff, it takes out the guess work as to which interventions should be considered.

Types of interventions:

Types of interventions RTI offers interventions in most educational subjects, such as reading, writing, and math. You don ’ t have to do it alone! Resources are available to assist teachers and staff in intervention implementation: http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/ http://www.rtinetwork.org/ http://www.rti4success.org/

RTI Benefits Teachers:

RTI Benefits Teachers RTI can identify “ at risk ” student sooner than traditional measures. For students not succeeding in Tier 1, benchmark data is available from progress monitoring in order to successfully to move the student into Tier 2, and subsequent Tier 3. Eliminates holding several SST ’ s and unsuccessful intervention recommendations.

RTI Benefits Students:

RTI Benefits Students Since RTI uses evidence-based interventions, students that need additional support will receive interventions that have been proven to be effective. The continual assessment will also help students by catching the student that needs help before they fall behind. Can help bring confidence back to the students who struggles academically.

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