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Europe has been a steady market in terms of growth in the OTT industry. Being UK the dominant, the internet penetration in almost all regions, mostly in Western Europe is quite high, which in fact is the biggest boost for the OTT adoption. According to researches, the Western Europe OTT and online video market is expected to double in revenues between 2015 and 2021. Read the entire report to have a glimpse of how does Europe’s OTT Market look like in 2020.


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Europe is certainly a growing OTT market. Western Europe OTT and online video market is expected to double in revenues between 2015 and 2021. Let’s take a look at the figures and forecast for OTT Market in Western Europe OTT Video Streaming Market Forecast of Western Europe


OTT Video Streaming Market United Kingdom OTT audience in UK is as aware and equipped with entertainment media as much you find in a USA household with Internet Penetration at a staggering 92%.


Music streaming is one popular activity among young millennials in Germany from the days of CDs to now streaming apps. Video Streaming revenues are expected to grow from USD 560 million in 2016 to USD 900.0 million in 2020 . OTT Video Streaming Market Germany


OTT Video Streaming Market France France enjoys a high internet penetration rate of 84%, which states that users are already using internet to access entertainment content. In fact, 94% of the 28 million TV households in France are digital.


3 in 4 Irish Adults prefer watching online content. With an ARPU of USD $151 , Ireland definitely shows huge potential for growth in OTT market space. OTT Video Streaming Market Ireland


OTT Video Streaming Market Italy Italians watch more TV than any other country in Western Europe. Italy’s subscription market is the fastest growing market , with over 17% people subscribing to SVOD services


Dutch consumers devote 5% of their daily video usage to Video Streaming services. 17% of all Dutch households are subscribed to Netflix making it the most popular SVOD service in the country. OTT Video Streaming Market Netherlands


OTT Video Streaming Market Austria Xbox Video was the 1 st ever international Video Streaming service launched in Austria back in 2009. Today, Austria’s SVOD market enjoys a good revenue rate of USD 24 million in 2016 , and is expected to grow at USD 40 million by 2020


Sale of Physical DVDs and Blu-rays declined due to excessive consumption of Online Video Streaming services in Belgium in 2015. The Video Streaming market is on a all time high and is expected to grow further by 30%. OTT Video Streaming Market Belgium


OTT Video Streaming Market Denmark Denmark is one the most progressive country in Europe and was ranked as most Digital country boosting the advanced use of digital public services. IPTV is rapidly growing in Denmark with over 17% of households (442 000) having subscribed to IPTV in 2014.


Finland’s Video Streaming market consists of a healthy competition with a mix of local and international providers succeeding at a good rate. Subscription Video-on-Demand market it expected to reach USD $101 by 2020. OTT Video Streaming Market Finland


OTT Video Streaming Market Norway Subscription Video-on-Demand is booming in Norway with an internet penetration rate of 96%. Music streaming has been recorded on all-time high in the Norway in 2016 Q1, accounting to 83% of revenues from recorded music .


Portugal is slowly but steadily gaining pace in the OTT market. Portugal had 43 available video on demand services by the end of 2015, out of which 9 are established in Portugal. OTT Video Streaming Market Portugal


OTT Video Streaming Market Spain Spain has a high rate of web subscribers and broadband only homes who are more likely to opt out of Pay TV.  Spain has huge potential for subscription services and will grow in revenues from USD 85 million in 2016 to USD 131 million by 2020.


OTT video market in Switzerland is well established, with over 53 on demand services and 37 dedicated video on demand services , Switzerland’s video on demand market shows huge potential for growth. OTT Video Streaming Market Switzerland

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