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Best WhatsApp Tips Tricks 2019 - Top 10 WhatsApp Secret Settings - Free Apk Site WhatsApp has a large number of clients a significant number of whom have as of late begun utilizing the WhatsApp. Many old- used WhatsApp uses the app to send and receive messages only and do not know or are interested in either of the other important features in this application. WhatsApp Tips Tricks: Here are some simple WhatsApp Tips Tricks keeping track of some users here. Also read :Best Secret App Lock Apk For Android Free - Amazing Lock Apk Change mobile number on the WhatsApp: Regularly different clients on the WhatsApp can see your mobile number however on the off chance that you have various phones at that point you have to introduce it again to change the number. Nonetheless there is a simple method to do this. Snap-on records/account in settings click on the choice to change the WhatsApp number there. There will be two fields 1 / 3

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here. Enter your new number in the first field and the old number in the second and click on the don. In the wake of researching this new number the WhatsApp will move your discussion to this new number. Finding a message on the WhatsApp: In the event that you are searching for a particular message in a visit open this talk and afterward tap three points above. Here you need to choose the pursuit. Compose a couple of words or letters of any message you need to discover now the WhatsApp will locate your ideal message. Reading Deleted Messages: Obviously the message you receive if the sender deletes its easy to bring it back just delete the WhatsApp from the phone and reinstall it from the or Apple App store. When this app is loaded the user must log in and all the chat items in the backup will be stored and it will include deleted messages. However this feature will work when you schedule app banking time on a daily basis on which this application keeps track of every sent or sent the message. If you call through the WhatsApp and want more data to be used tap on Settings from the menu. Then tap on the Data and Storage Usage. At the base tap the Low Data Usage checkbox and look at it. Change your friends profile photo: Go to contacts and duplicate or copy your friend or companions number presently snap a picture to glue your companions number on it and expel in addition to marks. Presently glue this photograph to companions WhatsApp profile picture and its profile picture will change. Who blocked you: If you feel that your friend has blocked you check his profile picture. In the event that he is appearing at that point all things considered he has blocked you. In addition you can send a message to this person. If the message looks like the same Tick has passed it also means that you have been blocked. Use the new typewriter font: To change the font of your WhatsApp message use the Symbol ` three times before or after your message as Messaging it is readily available in Android keyboard not in iOS yet Apples gadgets I have to duplicate it. Who has Read your message in the group Tap on your message sent to the group and sort it down. Then tap on the info icon at the top. The next minute there will be a list of all those people in front of you. Those who have read your message and the list of those 2 / 3

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people you have reached but they have not seen it right now. Turn off the last Seen feature: This component is functioning admirably in light of the fact that it demonstrates to you what time your companion was on the web however it additionally influences the clients protection. To close this feature go to the account and click on the left button and apply the necessary changes. Low use of WhatsApp data: For data usage on the WhatsApp you can use go to Data Issues and Network Issues in the app settings. Data gives you a chance to confine the information and quit photographs sound video and autocomplete alternatives can be WiFi. Additionally the data can be reduced by reducing the usage of mobile data in the app by slitting the URLs. Mark key messages: You can mark key messages so that they can read or view these messages later. You can ask it to bookmark messages. Select the message that you want to mark tapping it with a finger and then tap on the Icon of the stars above. This message will mark this way. To see all the marked messages click on the Icon with the menus three vertical marks in which menu is available for settings and tap on Starred Messages. All marked messages will appear. Transfer files from computer and phone: Make a group or gathering in which you include a companion and afterward erase it with the goal that you live in that assemble alone. Now open the Wats app and log in with the QR code then move the media file to the computer or open any chat file and transfer the files from there to the computer. 3 / 3

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