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creating changemakers through social innovations

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1° Initiative (1dI) is the first ever registered non-profit youth organization run by students for promoting youth-led development through ownership of ideas and community service.

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outreached 25000 children globally

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Children learn teamwork, cultivate a school spirit, test their knowledge and make new friends!

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With Khan Academy – the free online education tool for all endorsed by Bill Gates – we are translating videos to Bangla . We are bringing the world’s classroom to Bangladesh’s doorsteps!

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On 16 December, 1dI co-organizes Celebrating Victory through Volunteerism , our largest international campaign that invites all Bangladeshis to celebrate the spirit of liberation by doing one act of community service. In 2009 , over 40 organizations globally joined the campaign In 2010 , over 70 organizations participated

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… and have organized First Aid Workshops Community Organizing Sessions Team Challenges Anti Littering Awareness Capacity Building Exercises to provide an all-round experience on being a community volunteer

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join the blue revolution our volunteers are 13 – 30 years old run by 17 – 20 year olds 100% voluntary focused towards empowering young people through realizing their ideas building bridges for a peaceful world inspiring social innovation operating globally represented at TED , Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations, UN Conferences, and international summits received international awards people powered

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Inform. www.1di.org | info@1di.org | +88 0171 664 6666 Inspire. Instill.

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