Tips For Getting Used Cars For Sale In Dubai

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Tips For Getting Used Cars For Sale In Dubai Getting a Used Car That’s for Sale in Dubai or any country can be a little tricky. The large number of cars available doesn’t make it any easier and budget can also be a major factor there are also those who try to sell off cars in not so good conditions without informing or trying to make the problem seem smaller than it is. Well that’s what these tips are for things to check and be on the lookout for when trying to buy a Dubai Used Car that’s for Sale that people overlook or don’t check properly. The tips:  Tires: Consider the overall condition of both the vehicle and its tires. Tires can tell you a lot about how well the car was maintained and driven. Look for mismatched tires as a first sign of trouble. Check the tire information placard on the driver’s door jamb of the car to confirm the correct tire size is on the car. You need to also ensure that the tires are legal and the tread depth is at least 5mm. A bald and heavily worn tire means you could be facing an extremely dangerous tire blowout on the highway.  Paint job and body: Believe it or not there are some private sellers and even some dealers that will not declare a previous accident on a used car they are selling and sometimes there is damage they just never noticed. Look around the vehicle and see if any of the panels appear to be a different color than others. Make sure and check the paintwork is original and an authentic

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match to the paint under the hood in the trunk and engine bay. If there is any new paint make sure to ask the owner why as it could be an indicator of previous repair and/or accident. Carefully inspect the vehicle for signs of previous accidents or corrosion yourself.  Brakes: You dont have to remove a cars wheel to find out if brake pads need to be changed. One way to tell is by simply listening to the brakes while youre on a test drive. If you hear a grinding noise while coming to a stop its likely the brake pads need replacement. But you can also visually check the brake pads to see if they need changing. To do this look inside the wheel at the brake caliper. Thats the metal piece found on one side of the brake disc.  Interior: Here are things to look out for on the inside of the used car for sale in Dubai: 1. Odor 2. Seats 3. Pedals 4. Instruments and controls A/C lights etc. 5. Sound system  Exterior/Under the hood: It’s best to make these checks with the engine cool. Look first at the general condition of the engine bay. Dirt and dust are normal but be wary if you see oil splattered about or on the pavement under the engine compartment. Also watch for a battery covered with corrosion. 1. Hoses and belts 2. Fluids 3. Radiator 4. Battery 5. Tailpipe Munich Car Trading LLC a part of the Munich Group is a used car sale in Dubai service. It provides a professional honest and fair service for all car owners in the UAE. Run by a group of experienced European used car specialist Munich Car Trading LLC will welcome you and offer you a new and specialized experience. No matter what the make model or brand we literally buy any Used Cars For Sale Dubai and guarantee the best price for it Munich Car Trading Website: http://www.munichcartrading. Contact: +971 4 321 2283 Email:

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