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Introduction Education is a sector of opportunities. Development of any nation is linked to its literate masses. From curriculum design to educational technology educators have come a long way. This millennium poses a special challenge as educationists race to catch up with the population explosion. The ‘gurukuls’ of ancient India are just a reminisense of the past. Not only has the house of learning changed in size and culture but with it has revolutionized the work of professionals in it. Educationists are specialists. There are teachers specially trained to teach at the pre-primary, primary, secondary, senior secondary levels. Teaching is one of the largest of all professions in India, but there remains much to be achieved both in quality and quantity. It is indeed a career for those who feel they can commit themselves to the cause of education.

Nature of Work : 

Nature of Work Nature of primary school teachers play a vital role in the development of children. What is learned and experienced during the early years can shape children’s views of themselves and the world, and later influence, success or failure at school, work and their personal lives. Teachers at the secondary level specialize in one or two subjects but commonly teach them to all age groups and abilities. A great amount of emphasis is on imparting subject knowledge. There is an increasing emphasis on developing the students personality. Lectures spend several hours researching and preparing for lectures and practicals. Lectures aim to develop students’ powers of interpretation, analysis and original thought. They have to read to be update with their subject, and follow developments outside in higher education.

Work Environment : 

Work Environment Teachers work under different levels of conveniences. While some schools have well equipped and pleasant classrooms many government schools work in temporary conditions. Teachers are provide with best teaching aids in premier institutions. The work of a school teachers can be tiring and trying. Standing for many hours and talking requires considerable stamina. Schools hours in pre- primary schools are shorter than in secondary classes. There are, however, many holidays in school teaching. College teachers have to give lectures hence must spend considerable time in making preparations. They spend much time in making preparations. They spend much time in libraries, conferencing and possibly research.

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