Army career as an Officer-5(Screening test)

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Army career as an Officer-5(Screening test):

Army career as an Officer-5(Screening test) By Col Mukteshwar Prasad(Retd)


Introduction Screening test had been introduced few years back in Services selection centres To enable Assessors to concentrate on potential candidates suitable for Services Although they are called based on cut off marks set for particular entry or based on written examination conducted by UPSC(in case of NDA/IMA(Direct entry)/OTA(Combined def services examination) yet They may not possess OLQ to requisite level suitable for defence environment Hence a need to check their aptitude/potential before going for full test for 3 days This gives Assessors more time to dwell on potential candidates. On strict psychological terms the screening tests gets loaded and gives advantage to Urban candidates with English medium schooling because rural candidates are shy slow starter get inhibited Not scientific because many bright students are likely to be left out .But servest he purpose

Day-1(Stage 1) :

Day-1(Stage 1) On day 1(Stage-1) 50-60% candidates get weeded out .Hence need for out of box sincere performance Intelligence test (Verbal &Non verbal) Picture perception test Picture flashed for 30 sec No of Character Age Sex Mood Action relating to past, present and future of each character in one min Time for story writing 4 min

Day-1(Stage 1).. :

Day-1(Stage 1).. Discussion of picture 30min Group of 15 Narrates story verbatim Common consensus about character and theme of story

Intelligence test:

Intelligence test Intelligence tests Generally in two parts given one after another Time varies from test to test Consists of Verbal Nonverbal Scores are normalised and Officer Intelligence rating is arrived at .Ratings are 1-Heighest and the best- Pertains to IQ score of 100 and above 2-Acceptable- Pertains to IQ score of 100 and above 3-Acceptable- Pertains to IQ score of 100 and above 4-Not acceptable-Candidates dropped 5-Not acceptable –Candidate dropped

Intelligence test..:

Intelligence test.. Verbal Tests Simple question of reasoning and syllogism Male female relationship Analogies Mathematical series of increase or decreases Two or more series in one Missing words/no in addition/ substraction/ multiplication Coding of letters /word from English alphabet JUMBLED WORDS Non verbal tests Orientation/rotation clock/ anti clock or by certain degree Filling of figures Removal of part figures Increase or decrease in figures

Intelligence test…:

Intelligence test… Emotional tests Another set of 20-25 questions based on emotional reaction are asked to be answered as Always-A Sometimes-B Rarely-C Never-D Example I am confident –Always(Ideal answer)

Intelligence test…:

Intelligence test… Suggestion Remain cool and do not get perturbed if you could not answer one or two questions Do not waste time trying to think hard to find solution to a problem. Skip that and go ahead. You may find easier questions later Intelligence generally has no problem. Remain open and apply your brain. Candidates who have passed UPSC or achieved scholastic level have adequate IQ Time is important .Use it effectively Practice with many IQ tests available now a days to increase your familiarity and sharpen your answering skill While answering emotional questions think yourself to be ideal person or God

Story writing:

Story writing Thematic apperception test One slide generally consisting of 3 or more character and slightly hazy is projected for 30 sec Spatial Test The candidate is required to identify character Male/female Approximate age Mood-Positive/Negative/Neutral Mark them in spatial relationship with original picture on a rectangle provided on the answer sheet

Story writing..:

Story writing.. Story writing The title of the picture based on activity and action is to be written in one word The candidate is to write a story based on impulse provided in the picture broadly in three heads Consider the slide as a frame of movie and yourself as one of the character in the movie As a matter of fact you should be the hero itself who perfoms What led to the situation ? What is happening now ? What is going to be the outcome ?

Story writing…:

Story writing… Point of consideration It is written proof ,hence serious effort be made Keep your mind open like a parachute and use logical thinking Concentrate on the picture for 30 secs lest you miss details which are vital for spatial test/story writing and title Imagine a plot around character and scene projected Plot should ideally be clear ,realistic , original Through the action of the hero project your officer like qualities Story’s standard in terms of problem, solution directly reflects your personality

Story discussion:

Story discussion Discussion on picture Each candidate gives out their story verbatim sequentially one by one and Then group is given 30 minutes to discuss in leaderless group and come out with a common solution Point for consideration Though sheet containing story is going to be with candidate how ever it is recommended that candidates give out their story verbatim with confidence in concise manner Participate actively in group discussion to find common solution Behave like a honey bee which gives out honey of story in group’s hive and keeps coming out and in for discussion Try and manage common solution Marks for Intelligence test is considered for border line candidate only, otherwise fate is decided on the performance of discussion only. Mutual give and take would only facilitate solution No solution is wrong .Hence no story can be wrong. Avoid criticizing others for being wrong or giving wrong story Empathy adds flavour

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