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Competence-2 (ORGANISATIONAL COMNPETENCIES) An Initiative of Shivnandani Industries Pvt Ltd & Jagdamb Janaki Nawal Janaki Society By Col Mukteshwar Prasad(Retd), M Tech,CE(I),FIE(I),FIETE,FISLE,FInstOD,AMCSI


Definition Competent:-when a person is qualified to perform to a requisite standard of process of a job Competence:-Condition or state of being competent Competencies( Competences):-Are the characteristics of a manager that lead to demonstration of skills and abilities, which result in effective performance with in a occupational area. Competency(Competence)also embodies the capacity to transfer skills andab9lity from one area to another. Developed by Knowledge-Reading about9e.g.driving a car Skill-practising e.g.driving and practising Competence –By applying


Definition… Competency:-Behaviour or a set of behaviours that describes excellent performance in a particular work context(Job, role, group of jobs, or whole org) Excellent performance on the job demonstrate these behaviour more consistently than average or poor performer

Competence and competency:

Competence and competency competence Competency Skill and standard of performance reached Behaviour by which it is reached What people can do? How can they do it? Skill based Behavior based Standard attained Manner of behaviour What is measured? How the standard achieved? Plural- Competeces Range of skill which arefor satisfactory performance Plural-Competencies Behaviour adopted in competent performance

Few Facts:

Few Facts Competences are characteristics of a manager i.e. of a person Competences lead to demonstration of skills and abilities, hence observable. Can not be inferred or extrapolated Must lead to effective performance i.e. performance of a person with competence must be significantly better than that of a person without it. This thus refers to behaviour differentiating success from merely doing it It is cluster of related knowledge /skills, and attitude that affects major part of one’s job (a role or responsibilities)that correlates with performance on the job that can be measured against with accepted standards and that can be improved via training and development(Parry-1996) An underlying characteristics of an individual that is casually related to criterion –referenced effecting and/or superior performance in a job situation(Spencer & Spencer “Competence at Work”) underlying characteristics means competence is fairly deep and enduring part of a person’s personality and can predict behaviour in a variety of situation and ob task. casually related;-Causes or predicts performance criterion –referenced:-competence actually predicts who does somthing better or poor as measured on specificstandard

Competency characteristics:

Competency characteristics Motives-The things a person consistently think or wants which causes action. It “drives ,directs or select” behaviour towards certain action or goals away from others Traits-Physical characteristics and consistent response to situation or information Self concept-A person attitude, values or self image Knowledge-information a person has on specific content area Skill-ability to perform certain physicalor mental task

Competency characteristics…:

Competency characteristics… Skill Knowledge Self concept Trait Motive Easy to develop through training Difficult to assess and develop .Hence select these characteristics visible Hidden

PowerPoint Presentation:

Trait Motives Self concept Attitude Values Skill Knowledge

Competence at Work Place:

Competence at Work Place Competencies are component of job which are reflected in behaviour that are observable in work place Knowledge,skill,abilities,aptitude Thresh-hold competencies Differentiating competencies Essential Characteristics Distinguishes superior from average Every one in the job must minimally have

Org Competence versus Work place competence:

Org Competence versus Work place competence Organisation core Competencies Work place core competencies Scope Organisation Individual Purpose Strategic tactics Participation Organisation Work place Tasks Process Activities Competencies Global Position

Org Competence..:

Org Competence.. Philip Selgnick said factors internal to org such as person & previous experience are crucial to its chance of success in executing a chosen policy Organisation grid of competencies be compiled Org to build capabilities and encourage development of plan for exploiting them Workers can not perform to standards without competencies But competencies can not guarantee that workers will perform adequately Classical 4M (Man, Money, Material, Machine) denotes no of people but not their capabilities . They are tools not competencies Process result are just one of many measures of competence being closely related to output These are cause and not effect relationship not equivalence. Competence are not traits(a distinguishing character of personality formed at early stage) Hire for traits train for skills and fire for attitude

Org Competence..:

Org Competence.. Competence versus Capabilies or ability Focus on what workers need to be qualified to do Capability is work place capacity Potential future performance capable of taking decision Capabilities of resolving issues/problems Ability is reflection of talent of being able to perform Sales Administration ability Competencies versus motivational attitude Part of personality Aggression , self confidence ,decisiveness ,ambition,commitment

Purview of Competence:

Purview of Competence Can not do Can do Will do Putting effort but not getting result(Skill problem) Fully qualified and is doing designed job Will not do Deficiency in both skill and motivation Possesses competencies to do work but does not complete designed process work(motivation problem) Can do –Employees qualified to do Will do-Employees motivated to do

Competency test:

Competency test Question about 3 incidents of outstanding performance Question about 3 incidents of REALLY MESSED Up performance Measure What was said? What was done? When it happened? Where it happened?


Conclusion Competitive edge is the ability of workforce of an org to maximise advantage of state of art technology ,superior product and capital Many organisation are developing competency model to help them identify the essential knowledge,skill,and attributes needed for performance in a job aligned with strategy and integrating it with HR strategy Army’s technological tools are only as good as senior’s ability to employ them.

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